6th GIS Latest Technology Conference (2022) held in Shenzhen, China October 17 ~ 20

Under the epidemic, the value of informatization and digitalization becomes increasingly prominent and all trades and walks face various challenges of IT regeneration.

How to apply such multi-dimensional technologies as big-data GIS, cloud-native GIS, artificial-intelligence GIS, distributed GIS and cross-platform GIS, especially the new-generation 3D GIS technology for total upgrading from 2D to 3D, meet the demand of various industries for IT upgrading and build the future foundation? How to build the digital-twin and metaverse empowered with geo-intelligence and lead the trend of new-round IT development?

2022The 6th GIS Latest Technology Conference (2022) with the subject of “Geo-intelligence, Building Future Foundation” is held in Shenzhen, China from October 17 to 20. The conference is an important activity of the global geographic information system (GIS), with the aim to “share the latest developments of GIS software, and exchange the best practices of GIS application”. It focuses on the empowerment of GIS for IT building of different industries, sharing the innovated technological achievements of GIS and discussing on the future application development of GIS. The conference will be held in four languages (Chinese, English, French and Spanish), together with 8 on-spot global sessions (Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Columbia, Peru, Botswana and Senegal).

From October 17 to 20, experts from the governmental institutions, IT enterprises, up and down-stream enterprises and research institutions come together to introduce about the top technologies of geographic information system, share the market studies and views and discuss on the future development tendency of geographic information systems.

Mr. NG, Chi Kong, IT Principal from Lands Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government shares his views on the future development of GIS. He indicates that the so-called “Geographic Principle” is to apply the geographic science and GIS technology in our cognition and action. The present GIS is a system used to manage, apply and analyze geographic information Mr. NG, Chi Kong points out that as an important part of “geographic principle”, GIS technology develops rapidly through continual replacement and regeneration. It is integrated with many new technologies in the field of IT, including cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, IOT and 3D visualization. The analytical function of GIS is continually intensified so that we can view and comprehend new things and create new viewpoints through predictive modelling, spatial-temporal analysis, real-time information capturing, exchange visual analysis, big data, Geo AI, image and grid analysis. Currently, we are seeing the trend of new-round IT revolution, which will fundamentally change our society and make possible our future sustainable development. The geographic spatial infrastructures will play an important role, helping the digital transformation and empowering the development of digital economy.

It is learned that GIS Latest Technology Conference takes the vision of “creating a global most influential GIS technology conference” and its previous meetings have been widely concerned and recognized by the sector, attracting annually more than 6,000 experts and representatives from governmental IT authorities, IT giants, industrial up and down-stream manufacturers, and research institutions at home and abroad to attend on the spot and hundreds and thousands of people to attend online.

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