A bright new star in the metaverse world, Sprout Meta metaverse super company

2021-2022, the hottest buzzword, is undoubtedly the metaverse, which will further break down location barriers by enabling a more seamless and immersive experience, as well as creating a sense of coexistence in different places. It will also change many industries. Similar to mobile technology, the expected range of applications in the field of metatechnology is far-reaching, including communications, entertainment, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

With the popularity of the Metaverse, Metaverse companies also emerged one after another during this period, and the protagonist of this article today is a super company in the Metaverse world: Sprout Meta, which is constantly exploring in the Metaverse field and empowering the Metaverse. Promote the metaverse towards globalization and popularization.

Sprout Meta, founded by the investors of the famous game company valve, is a brand-new technology innovation company that develops the concept of the metaverse. The company’s main business is to open games related to the concept of the metaverse. Committed to building a comprehensive traffic platform that integrates metaverse concepts, social networking, games, and popular science, Sprout Meta was established in 2012. The company’s business covers three major sectors: VR, games and social networking, and has built the world’s largest metaverse chain game. Overall, in 2021, Sprout Meta will be ranked 24th on the list of the most valuable companies in the 2021 Metaverse digital economy, and it is a veritable Metaverse super company.

In terms of investment, in 2014, Sprout Meta received a Series A financing led by Intel Capital and IDG-Accel. In 2016, Sprout Meta was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In 2018, Sprout Meta received a $3 million investment from Sun Hung Kai and a $1.5 million investment from strategic partner Lympo. In 2021, Sprout Meta announced a $3.547 million investment, part of which will be used to fund AI accelerator Zeroth.ai.

In terms of market strategic cooperation, Sprout Meta has also reached cooperation with world-renowned brands such as Christie’s auction house and Gucci. important source.

Metaverse, a term for technological integration, is as attractive to technology companies as Columbus discovered the New World. In this virtual world, Sprout Meta has the advantage of rebuilding everything in the real world of human beings, while living in this real and virtual world. Two “parallel” worlds, Sprout Meta is based on its own advantages and enters the game, betting on this track about the future, before a technological revolution, no one wants to be left behind.

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