A New Paradigm for Crypto Exchanges: BateX Redefines Value Distribution

The market has been in turmoil due to fears of rising inflation and a worsening economy, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization has continued to fall, coupled with previous “black swan” events. This has increased investor pessimism about the “crypto winter”, and the market seems to be heading towards a long-term bear market trend.

For those who remain confident in cryptocurrencies, there is every reason to believe that the market will continue its cyclical trend and will usher in a rally in the near future. There are signs of a recent rebound in the crypto market, the Fed may change its attitude towards raising interest rates, bitcoin volatility has hit a record low, and the dollar is opening a new chapter These three reasons will lead to a rebound in the crypto market. Historically, Bitcoin has been on an upward trajectory, with various projects booming and accelerating the upward movement of the market, and each decline will “recharge” the next stage of the rise.

In order to inject enough confidence in the market, BateX Exchange has launched a series of activities aimed at promoting more optimism in the market and encouraging its community to enjoy trading, ensuring that the community remains actively engaged.

The magic of compound interest

Welcome to the beautiful world of compound interest, where your money is working for you :

On day 0, your balance is $100. On Day  1, your balance is $101 ($100 plus one hundredth of $100  :  $1). On Day 2, your credit will be $102.01 ($101 plus one hundredth of $101:1.01   .) USD). On day  210, your credit will be $808.14.  At 1% daily interest, your balance will double in just over two months and quintuple every year. This is the power of compound interest at work. Things start to get very slow, but after a while, you’ll see the “snowball effect” happening before your eyes.

Of course, no bank will offer you 1%  daily interest, and you will have to resort to other options to use compound interest to create considerable wealth, and the BateX exchange can do that.

You trade with 50USDT, and you can make a profit of  1USDT on your first trade. The second trade continued with a balance of 51USDT, making a profit of 1.02USDT. The third trade continued at 52.02USDT, making a profit of 1.04USDT. After a month of analogy, the account funds can reach about 90USDT. Summary: The more stake you have in the trading account, the higher the profit relative to the profit of the reinvestment trade.

Good things, you can create absolute financial independence. You will no longer need a boss or client, you are your boss. You are free to decide what to do with your time, and thanks to the power of compound interest, you see money as a “tool” where you can make more money when you need it.

Achieve financial freedom with your friends

When you invite 10 new members to top up 50USDT to join as a Tier 1 member, you will receive a 60% commission on the transaction fee (10 Person * 50USDT * 1% handling fee * 60% = 3USDT);  Level 1 friends each invite 10 Level 2 friends to join, and you can get 30% of the handling fee (100 people * 50USDT * 1% Handling fee * 30% = 15USDT);  Each Level 3 friend invites 10  Level 3 friends to join again, and receives a 10% commission from the friend (1000 people* 50USDT*1%handling fee*10%=50USDT). Summary: When you invite 10 first-level friends, first-level friends invite 10 people to become second-level friends, and second-level friends invite 10 people to become third-level members again, you will have a team of 1110 people, and the commission reward for trading once a day will be: 3USDT+15USDT+50USDT=68USDT。 If the invited level 1-3 members increase their trading capital to 100USDT, the total trading assets of the 1110-person team will reach 111000USDT, and they will receive double the trading commission!

Regarding  BateX’s global marketing activities, BateX  COO Patience said: “Although market sentiment may be bearish, we remain optimistic at BateX and we will continue to polish our products and continue to advance our expansion plans in new markets.” Through these positive activities, share some of our optimism with our users. ”

The event is open to existing and new users of the BateX exchange, but generous rewards will be offered to real market participants. BateX is an exchange available to everyone and has always believed that the Cryptocoin will serve everyone. Through a range of low-barrier products and services, as well as actively promoting cryptocurrency culture, we are opening the door to the approximately 96% of the global community that does not yet own Bitcoin and other digital assets in anticipation of a better and more inclusive economy.

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