Affordable NFT Blind Box on Binance Chain Is Born

AmazingDoge NFT has created a low-cost NFT blind box.

ADOGE is a popular MeMe token on Binance Chain. Its full name is AmazingDoge. Like BabyDoge, it originated from the Unicrypt pre-sale launch pad. The project team initially only made MeMe tokens, but the community cohesion and activity are very high, so they have gained a group of loyal fans.

Since the establishment of the project, the development team has done a lot of things in one month: logging in to CMC, CG, completing the NFT modeling of GameFi characters, completing the casting of financial NFTs, logging in to the ZT exchange, and working on Golden Finance. Hefei Xiaohao data platform has released many newsletters and so on.

At present, the development team of ADOGE has launched the NFT trading platform.

An average of 0.01BNB can buy a blind box, and the blind box can include ADOGE tokens or rare NFTs.

ADOGE’s NFTs are divided into two types, which are also unique in Binance Chain. One is financial NFT, the other is GameFi NFT. Both NFTs have a characteristic. 

It is divided into different colors according to the rarity.

The rarity, from low to high is: Yellow-Orange-Red-Blue-Purple-Diamond.

Financial NFTs can be rewarded with ADOGE tokens by staking. Game NFTs can get ADOGE sub-coin token rewards through games. According to the development team, ADOGE games have now completed the construction of characters, which are warrior, shooter, mage, foundry, and assassin.

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