AITN Global AI Intelligence “Space-Time Superman” Competition

With the continuous improvement of AITN’s global consensus, in order to further accelerate the pace, the concept and achievements of AITN will be popularized and applied. The next round of public offerings will be launched soon, and the AITN Global AI Intelligence “Space-time Superman” Competition will be launched to reward users who have made outstanding contributions to the AITN Global Public Offering. Rewarding active users in the form of a global competition, the first of the rules of the competition is based on the number of holding addresses, and the second is the ranking of node effectiveness. The reward rules are subject to official release.

This event is synchronized with the AITN global public offering time, hoping that the major institutions and communities will actively participate in and maintain healthy competition, jointly build a global artificial intelligence ecology, popularize the achievements of science and technology to every corner of the world, and every AITN user will become the forerunner of this era! The support of every user is the driving force for us to move forward, and we will continue to bring you more and meaningful competition activities in the future, so stay tuned!

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