Amazon Echo Dot is much in demand right now.

The pint-sized smart speaker has long been sold out on the official website in the run up to Christmas.

If you’re looking to purchase an Amazon Echo Dot speaker from the online retailer then you’ll have to be patient and wait until next month.

The Charcoal Fabric, Heather Grey Fabric and Sandstone Fabric versions of the Amazon Echo Dot (third gen) are all sold out till next month.

But those who can wait until January to get their Amazon Echo Dot will be getting a welcome boost.

On the official website the Amazon Echo Dot has been given a big price cut.

Amazon customers can get a third-gen Echo Dot for almost half price.

The Amazon Echo Dot has been reduced by the online retailer from £49.99 to £29.99.


At the time of writing here is when the Amazon Echo Dot will be coming back in stock:

• Amazon Echo Dot Charcoal Fabric – In stock January 27 2019

• Amazon Echo Dot Heather Grey Fabric – In stock January 28 2019

• Amazon Echo Dot Sandstone Fabric – In stock January 31 2019

In our verdict on the Amazon Echo Dot awarded it a full five out of five marks.

We lauded it for its great price point, much louder sound and improved design. said: “The Echo Dot has always been a brilliant way to experience a smart speaker on a budget.

“And now it’s even more appealing with a refreshed design and much louder sound.

“There was nothing really wrong with the old Echo Dot but Amazon’s latest update certainly improves things with a more curvaceous look that ditches the plastic for a new fabric case.

“It looks really slick and this upgrade offers a much more premium appearance without the price increasing.

“There’s little wrong with the Dot with its easy to use controls placed neatly on the top of the speaker and the famous blue light that still glows bright when you summon Alexa.

“Along with this striking new look on the outside, there’s also some upgrades under the shell of the Dot.

“Amazon has made this smart speaker around 70 percent louder than its predecessor and this audio boost is certainly noticeable.

“The Dot will easily fill a small room with sound although it doesn’t pack a huge amount of bass so don’t expect it to replace a premium or larger speaker.

“We love the new Dot and seems many agree with us as this speaker has totally sold out before Christmas with Amazon not expected to replenish stock until early next year.”