The Amazon Echo has won every tech award going and that’s hardly surprising.

These smart devices not only offer a swathe of voice-powered features but land in homes at a price most people can afford.

Via the Alexa smart assistant users can ask their Echo speakers to play music, switch on the lights and set timers plus there’s the ability to check the news, weather and local travel.

There’s no question that the Echo is a must-have product but it’s always had one problem as it doesn’t sound all that good.

These devices are fine for your daily fix of radio but you are probably not going get a party started if this is your only audio device.

Some of Amazon’s rivals have now launched smart speakers that bring added performance with Apple’s HomePod, the Sonos One and Google Home Max all able to boom out tunes at higher volumes and with a far richer sound.

Now it seems the online firm is going to address this issue with a recent report from Bloomberg suggesting that a “higher quality version” of its Echo range could be coming soon.

The outlet, citing “people familiar with the product” declared prototypes of the new hardware are in development with them expected to “squeeze in additional components”

It has been suggested that the new speaker will include “at least four tweeters”.

For reference, Amazon’s most premium Echo speaker, the Echo Plus, sports a single 0.8-inch tweeter and a 3-inch woofer.

While Bloomberg was eager to discuss details of the claimed new Echo, the outlet admitted it is still possible Amazon could decide to scrap the release of the new product.

A release date for the speaker was not discussed, however, Amazon typically updates its esteemed product lineup towards the end of each year.

An Amazon spokeswoman did not comment on Bloomberg’s report.

In addition to the new Echo, the publication also insisted the firm is working on a “home robot” that boasts Alexa functionality.

If Amazon does announce a new range of Echo devices this year it’s likely to take place in September as this is when the firm has launched previous updates to its smart range.

Although this news will please Echo fans there’s still plenty of new features the current speakers can access and if you own a smart speaker here’s some new things to ask Alexa

Alexa, read The Wind in the Willows.” Listen to this timeless tale, free to stream until 31 July.

Alexa, can you do an impression of Vicky Pollard?”

Alexa, suggest some good baby names.”

Alexa, play Smooth Radio.”

Alexa, can you whistle?”

Alexa, send a message.” Use Alexa to send voice messages to your contact’s Echo device and Alexa app. Learn more.

Alexa, open Forest Night.”

Alexa, what’s the most dangerous animal in the world?”

Alexa, ‘hasta la vista, baby’.”

Alexa, when is the next leap year?”

Alexa, play the top songs in Manchester.” Discover songs that are currently popular in countries and cities all over the world with Amazon Music.

Alexa, give me a fact about botany.”

Alexa, open Lemonade Stand.”

Alexa, play a trivia game.”

Alexa, what are the laws of robotics?”

Alexa, turn on the TV.” Use smart home skills to control your compatible Smart TV with a simple voice command.