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If next day delivery and TV streaming wasn’t enough reason to sign up to Prime, Amazon is giving customers another batch of free video games to download. Throughout the month of February, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to download free copies of modern day Atari remakes, including Breakout Recharged, Missile Command Recharged and¬†Gravitar: Recharged. That’s on top of the superb Tempest 4000, which is a psychedelic tunnel shooter designed by legendary game developer Jeff Minter.

Other free games for February 2024 include the original Fallout, which is a must-have for fans of video game history.

Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders – Collector’s Edition and Blade Assault are also free in the month of February.

It all starts on February 1, when Prime subscribers will receive a free GOG code for Fallout, as well as a copy of Breakout Recharged from the Epic Game Store.

The hugely addictive Missile Command Recharged will be given away for free on February 8, followed by Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders and Tempest 4000 on February 15.

Blade Assault will be available via the Amazon Games App on February 22, while the Epic Game Store version of Gravitar Recharged joins the service on February 29.

The Prime Gaming Channel is also getting a new selection of games, including Inertial Drift, Garfield Lasagna Party, Kunai, Inside My Radio and The Jackbox Party Pack 10.

Games like Fortnite, LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival and Trackmania are also playable on the Amazon Gaming Channel.

Free in-game content includes the Chicken Dinner Booster Pack for PUBG: Battlegrounds, as well as the Prime Gaming Capsule for League of Legends.

Fans of MMORPG Lost Ark will be able to pick up the Second Anniversary Pack, while Pokemon Go users can nab some Ultra Balls and a Golden Razz Berry.

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