When it comes to smart speakers, Amazon has mostly tried to target the mass market with devices like the Echo Dot and more recently, the Echo Flex, all of which are priced $50 and below. However, if a higher-end Echo speaker was something you were after, you are in luck as Amazon has officially announced the Echo Studio.

The Echo Studio is Amazon’s attempt at trying to create a high-end set of speakers. The Echo Studio will come with five directional speakers built into it along with a 5.25-inch woofer and is also capable of putting out 330W of peak power. There will also be a 1-inch tweet and three 2-inch midrange speakers accompanying the woofer, and a 24-bit DAC and power amplifier built into the speakers as well.

It also seems to have taken some cues from Apple’s HomePod because according to Amazon, the speakers will be able to automatically sense the acoustics in the room it is placed in, and will be able to fine tune the sound to match the acoustics accordingly. Amazon also claims that it can be paired as a stereo unit with another Echo Studio and then used together with Fire TV devices for multi-channel sound support.

As expected of it being a high-end speaker, it does not come particularly cheap either. The Amazon Echo Studio will be priced at $200.

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