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Here at, we test everything from smart home gadgetry, TVs, smartphones, headphones, fitness trackers, laptops, and much, much more. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the tech toys that have arrived in towers and left with a shiny new star rating. We test everything we review thoroughly, usually living with the device in our own homes for a few weeks before putting pen to paper. 

Most recently… We’ve ditched the cramped bus and claustrophic tube carriage in favour of the stunningly exciting Curt electric bike from Berlin-based start-up, Ampler. The Ampler Curt doesn’t look like a traditional electric bike – there’s no chunky battery pack hanging off the frame and the handlebars aren’t cluttered with dials, switches and buttons to control the output from the motor. Instead, Ampler wanted to keep things incredibly simple. And it’s really paid off. The Curt is gorgeously sleek with an unbelievably featherweight frame and stunning matte black paintjob. There’s only a single button on the frame – to switch the bike on.

Ditching the plethora of controls laden on rival bikes, Ampler instead lets its intelligent motor determine how much oomph you’ll need based on the amount of pressure applied to the pedals. It might sound complicated – and the underlying technology hidden in the rear-hub controlling all of this undoubtedly is – but in practice, it makes riding the Curt feel natural, and crucially, immensely fun. The motor perfectly judges the amount of assistance you’ll need, ironing out any challenging hills and ensuring you won’t arrive at work drenched in sweat, but still making it feel like you’re contributing and getting a workout. That’s something many rivals, which act like 15.5mph motorbikes disguised as cycles, get wrong.

When we weren’t blasting around the roads, we were testing out the latest flagship smartphone in Samsung’s arsenal: the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Building on the design language and features introduced with the Galaxy S20 series earlier this year, this latest model is expensive and packed with exciting technology. All of the staples of the Galaxy Note series make a welcome return, including the S Pen stylus for handwritten notes and remotrely controlling presentations, a palm-stretching screen for multi-tasking and Netflix binges, support for Samsung DeX to connect your handset to a monitor, mouse and keyboard and use your Android apps like a desktop operating system for some serious work, and a killer camera set-up. The only problem? Well, this all costs about the same as a deposit on a one-bedroom flat. Ouch.

Sticking with Samsung, our final review of the week was the Galaxy Buds Live. It seems like everyone is desperately trying to topple Apple AirPods as the best-selling wireless earbuds. Google Pixel Buds, LG Free Tone, and OnePlus Buds all launched earlier this year. And with the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung has brought an all-new design and active noise-cancellation to its offering. The diddy bean-like appearance of the Galaxy Buds Live is unlike anything else we’ve seen and feels incredibly comfortable in your ear. And with a price closer to Apple’s standard AirPods than the noise-cancelling AirPods Pro, surely these are the best option on the market right now? Well, you might want to read the full Galaxy Buds Live review before you add them to your online shopping basket…

You can read the full review below to find out whether these shiny new gadgets impressed.

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