An initiative of Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center-“Investment is also love the earth”.

An initiative of Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center-“Investment is also love the earth”.

The green energy development forum with the theme of “dealing with climate change and promoting the common development of green energy in all countries and regions around the world”. Held in London. Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center (OPETC) management senior management and many industry representatives attended the forum.

The forum pointed out that with the rapid development of modern human economic levels, the air we lived on was severely polluted. The fresh  morning  breeze  became  a  haze,  and  the  hazy  beauty   finally became an unbearable pain. Global climate warming is becoming more and more serious, and energy conservation and emission reduction have become the responsibility that everyone must practice in the world.

We have only one earth, and we are all eager to live in the blue sky and breathe freely. To get out of the haze and block global warming, the whole society needs to work together. Faced with the increasingly severe global problems such as climate change, environmental risk challenges, and energy resources constraints, carbon neutralization has become the consensus of the international community. Countries around the world are seeking a new path of sustainable development for the green and low -carbonization of social and economic development.

Here, more than 18,000 staff members of the Oasis Power Energy

(Global) Trading Center (OPETC) have called for:

All Earth compatriots start from the concept of building a community of human destiny and to accelerate the goal of carbon neutrality. Participate in the Global Energy System Revolution together, and  work  together  to  accelerate  the  transformation  of  green low-carbon economy. The condensing power accelerates the advent of the era of low -carbonization and electrification of power; jointly embrace the carbon tax and carbon emission right trading system, actively carry out regenerative energy cooperation in various countries, and form a consensus of green and low -carbon development. Gradually  promote  the  rapid  development of global clean energy technology.

Based on the statistics of OPETC (OPETC) of Oasis Power Energy (Global). The global carbon dioxide emissions have increased from 40.2 billion tons in 2021 to 40.6 billion tons in 2022. How to deal with greenhouse gas effects and climate change caused by this has become one of the major challenges facing human beings today. In order to control greenhouse gas emissions, develop a low -carbon economy, and benefit all human beings, it has become the common goal of all countries and regional governments. The two effective ways to promote the realization of this goal are to tax carbon emissions and establish a carbon emissions trading system, while the latter is more internationally recognized and has become the choice of many countries. Many countries and regions have successively established trading systems and trading agencies related to carbon emission rights and derived more carbon financial activities, which is of great significance for promoting the goal of achieving carbon peaks and realizing carbon neutrality in various countries around the world.

Carbon finance is a transaction and investment activity based on carbon emission rights and its derivative products, which is different from traditional financial activities. Specifically, carbon finance refers to a variety of trading activities and related financial policies carried out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Including carbon emissions and the transactions and investment of its derivatives, investment and  financing of low -carbon project development, etc. The carbon market is a place for these financial transactions, including all institutional arrangements and the implementation of policy systems. The establishment, improvement and orderly development of the carbon market are of  far-reaching significance for actively responding to global climate change and solving funding problems of low-carbon economy development.

Oasis Power Energy (Global) Trading Center (OPETC) is a global carbon market. It aims to connect the carbon trading system and venues of all countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, realize the carbon trading sharing mechanism between countries and regions, and improve the unified and unified market order.

While grasping the orderly and active and healthy development of the carbon market, the oasis power energy (global) trading center (OPETC) focuses on helping human society to improve its own living environment to contribute its own power. Promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and suppressing the temperature of the earth’s temperature is the responsibility and mission of OPETC.

Green and low-carbon, starting from me, acting immediately, investment is also caring for the earth!

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