Android is Google’s operating system that is harnessed by billions of devices across the globe.

The software typically receives new, numbered upgrades every year that introduce a host of new features.

Android 9 Pie released in August last year and it is expected its successor, Android Q, will release at around the same time in 2019.

Before new versions of the software release for all fans, beta builds are tested by both developers and others that wish to take part in such an initiative.

On Monday, March 11, Mishaal Rahman, the editor in chief for XDA Developers, noticed Google had opened a bug tracker for an Android Q beta.

It was noted a link to check for bugs in the programme was created after March 11, suggesting the beta for the new operating system could launch imminently.

Rahman said: “Seems like Google opened up the bug tracker for submitting bugs related to the Android Q beta.

“The link to check for existing bugs filters by date created after March 11th.”

While many thought the Android Q beta could have begun on March 11, the day came and went without such an initiative launching.

However, a screenshot posted on Reddit that is claimed to be from a Google developer calendar, suggests Wednesday, March 13 could be the day of the Q beta launch.

However, it is worth noting the accuracy of the image in question could not be verified.

Android Q has been rumoured to bring a number of substantial changes to the operating system.

XDA Developers has emphasised it has already tested an early version of the software and has provided an insight into some of the features it could deliver.

The outlet has noted Android Q could replace the firmware’s traditional back button in favour of a gesture.

It was displayed the user may have to swipe left from Android’s middle pill-shaped home button in order to activate the function.

XDA Developers has also claimed Android Q could introduce a system-wide dark mode for fans and include new app permissions.

While it appears the beta for the new software is set to release in mere hours, it is worth noting nothing about the new software has been officially discussed by Google.