500 Startups is thrilled to announce our latest batch from our Latin America Seed Program!

Based out of Mexico City this new batch consists of founders from all over Latin America; with companies from Chile (1 company), Colombia (3 companies), Mexico (5 companies), and Peru (2 companies). The 4-month intensive Seed Program will focus on legal, product, sales/all things growth, culture, fundraising, and more, which prepares the companies for the culminating Demo Days taking place in Mexico City and Bogota November 15th and the 22nd. Companies will continue to put in the hard day to day work with the local 500 team, investors, and more then 15 international mentors that will be visiting us throughout the 16 week program.

We’re excited to continue our vision of supporting founders in their missions to create successful companies at scale, and to ultimately build thriving global ecosystems with this batch.


Here are the companies from Latin America Batch 9:





Custodian provides hassle-free claims management for auto insurance.








Dartspeed is a tool to dramatically reduce website loading times with automatic optimizations.









Raw Apothecary – 100% natural products for skin care that seek to provide personalized solutions at affordable prices.





Payform is a fast and flexible tool to create checkout forms for one time or recurring payments.






Lo que necesito – App that connect brokers, owners, builders and mortgage loans with real home buyers. Making the home purchasing and mortgage loans process seamless.





Rebaja tus cuentas is a digital advisor that helps people lower their financial debt.






Bonnus is a marketing solution that helps retain customers by rewarding their actions within the apps or websites they use every day.




Mi Concierge is a tool for hospitality industry professionals to get commissions for their travel recommendations.









PixyAlbum – Mobile app to easily create and print photo books right from your phone for $10.






Fitco Is a management, booking, and retention software for fitness centers.





Globalwork  – Modern and seamless background checks for enterprises and startups.


Welcome to the #500Strong family LatAm Batch 9!