Another rookie of the Coin universe, PicoGo, launches the task publishing platform

Once the Web 3 concept was launched, it has attracted great attention from many people in the industry, who hold that it is a new blue ocean field in the industry. Regarding the economic value and potential growth value of Web 3 in society, the industry insiders express as following. The advantages of Web 3 are based on two aspects: one is the ability to achieve synergy between channel users and services; Second, companies involved in the development of Web 3 projects, can have a more ideal performance in the expansion of organizational structure nodes. Precisely because the basic demand elements of Web 3 can be met, and it is still in the ascendant at the current stage, the platform has received high attention from many people inside and outside the industry, and the investment trend continues. Recently, PicoGo has launched the task publishing platform, which has become a cusp of new blue ocean projects in the investment field.

PicoGo is an Internet that will build a decentralized multi-network. Based on the DPOS consensus mechanism, it has launched a Web 3-oriented decentralized task publishing platform, and issued the token PICO, which aims to allow users to have complete control through an autonomous community, to create an ecosystem that supports multichain. The application of Web 3 technology allows information to directly interact with related information of other websites, which means that PicoGo has a comprehensive and diverse development in the future, and the future growth space is very large.

Based on the transition of “Internet of Information” to “Internet of Value”, the PicoGo project, based on the characteristics of decentralization in its development, will not have any problems in terms of security of all participants. Since all nodes will store the same information, neither the internal nor the external information can be breached, which significantly improves the safety of investors.

The new PicoGo platform is built on the blockchain and uses Smart Contracts to automate the distribution of bounties, including recommendations for NFTs, Liquidity Pools, IDOs, etc. Users can use the link to recommend NFTs and DApps that are being sold or liquidity-demand capital pool to other users, so as to be granted commissions and PICO token rewards. As a participative player, this is undoubtedly a land that can be operated for a long time, and the group sponsor will provide everyone with more than one million PICO bounty rewards.

It can be found that there are a lot of Web 3 projects, and they are in full swing during the development. Some projects enter the market too early, and the participating investors are already saturated. As we all know, the sooner you get into the Web 3 project, the higher the amount of profit you will get. Based on this analysis, from the comparison of various projects within the scope of Web 3 at this stage, PicoGo is undoubtedly one of the projects worth participating in. “Value representation” and “value transfer” are the core of its project, which means its value growth space far exceeds that of other types of projects, which is the main reason why it has attracted the attention of many investors.

After PicoCoin was launched, it immediately attracted the attention of many investors. The projects provided to users on its platform are not only authentic, reliable, and highly secure, but also very easy to operate. PicoCoin is a large-scale global project. And it is the first platform to provide more than 10 languages. Nearly 20 communities have been built around the world to provide services to users in 207 countries around the world. The unique task publishing gameplay will be another fresh blood in the Coin universe and the future growth space can be expected.

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