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ANT NEST was officially incorporated in Singapore on August 18, 2022. Steve Z. Liu, Chairman of Antst, MBA in Finance, Columbia Business School. With more than 20 years of international capital market experience, he has successively worked in Fidelity International, Salomon Smith Barney, Nomura International, Ant Financial Group and other large financial institutions. Previously, it successfully established and managed the equity business of overseas institutions for several leading Chinese securities companies.

The ANT NEST platform adopts a full chain circulation solution. The multi chain asset circulation module meets the users’ demand for the liquidity of Gamefi assets such as purchase, sale and auction, establishes a consensus on property rights, and lays a solid foundation for ANT NEST to become the NFT circulation platform with the largest trading volume and the largest number of user carriers in the world.

Analysis of Economic Logic

     ANT NEST feeds back the most sustainable and attractive platform revenue (transaction fees) to NFT traders and platform promoters in various ways. For platform promoters, ANT NEST increases its interest and profitability by joining the chain game, and returns more than half of the platform’s revenue to loyal preachers, thus helping the platform to continue to grow at a high speed and empowering the NFT industry with new elements.

 1. ANT NEST platform introduces a new transaction mining logic: the initial daily handling fee is only 3%, but every time NFT is sold, the transaction cost will be 1.1 times of the previous sale. As the commission mark up greatly increases the volume cost of speculators, it will effectively prevent invalid transactions from taking away the profits of mining users who normally participate in transactions, provide income guarantee for loyal users, and help the platform to develop in a long-term and sustainable manner. In addition, the platform will take 10% of the transaction commission income as the activity incentive (transaction ranking, promotion activity), so that every platform participant can harvest surprises and benefits while participating in the interesting NFT transaction mining.

2. The price of NFT rises in a spiral: The price of NFT on ANT NEST platform must increase to prevent the possibility of malicious price reduction. Since the price of NFT cards has risen steadily, traders participating in NFT can earn the premium of NFT cards. Therefore, unlike the traditional NFT trading platform, when the traders of ANT NEST are profitable, these NFT cards will really circulate in the secondary market of ANT NEST trading platform.

3. NFT synthesis scarcity guarantee mechanism: In the ANT NEST trading platform, when two NFTs of the same star rank meet specific conditions, an advanced version of NFT can be synthesized. The higher the mining coefficient of NFT is, the higher the trading mining income will be. When ANT NEST starts this synthesis mechanism, it can effectively promote users to actively synthesize NFT cards. However, due to the large number of NFT cards, the official NFT circulating in the market will become less and less, which will feed back the price of NFT, complement the mechanism of NFT price spiral, and ultimately effectively guarantee the scarcity and value of official NFT.

4. New value system: ANT NEST constructs a transaction mining value system that surpasses the past through the dual incentive mechanism of ANTST and USDT. At ANT NEST, users can not only obtain stable USDT commission dividends, but also enjoy the initial 10000 times capital growth dividend of the trading platform by holding the potential platform equity currency ANTST.

ANT ENDT Super Highlights

5. The incentive mechanism for mining transaction is ANTST equivalent to 1.2 times of the transaction fee by air drop.

1) The USDT platform transaction fee is magnified by 1.2 times of dividends, of which 40% of the fee is converted into the equivalent ANTST as an instant reward for the seller, and 60% of the transaction fee is converted into the locked ANTST at the current price, which is released every day according to the platform turnover.

2) As the platform equity token, the ANTST mining incentive will have a higher value if the transaction volume of ANT NEST is larger and the commission income is higher In other words, the value of ANTST is the projection of the market on the development expectation of ANT NEST. ANTST buy back and ANTST’s reasonable lock position release mechanism, diversified application scenarios enable platform participants to truly obtain lasting and valuable mining rewards.

6. Strong ANTST token value In the traditional NFT transaction mining platform, platform currency is a crucial factor to win. Although users can obtain stable income calculated by USDT by trading on ANT NEST, ANTST plays an equally important role in the platform. As the platform equity token of ANT NEST, ANTST is closely linked to the revenue of the platform, which represents users’ expectations for the future development of the platform. Therefore, how to design a mechanism to make ANTST have a natural growth logic has become a very important link. First, the platform injects 60% of the USDT platform commission income into the liquidity pool, repurchases ANTST, and stabilizes the currency price, so as to achieve the most straightforward and powerful token empowerment. In addition, when users conduct NFT transactions in ANT NEST, they can obtain ANTST mining rewards, but the output ANTST will lock positions according to the rules, so that ANTST can form benign slow inflation, ensure that the market circulation will not be unbalanced, and thus stabilize the currency price upward.

7. The super preferential transaction commission is based on the design and ANTST transaction output rules: single transaction commission/ANTST price * NFT mining coefficient. However, the ANTST produced by these mines was released by 40% immediately on the trading day, and the rest was released at a rate of 0.1-0.3% daily. It is equivalent to 40% rebate given by the platform to users. To be more simple, the final commission of a single NFT transaction on ANT NEST platform is only 3%! Such discount is far superior to all platforms on the market. This lock-in release rule of mining output is beneficial to users in the short term, and locks users and the platform to grow together in the long term. It ensures that users actually enjoy super preferential service fees while avoiding the common drawbacks of unbalanced supply and demand of tokens and sharp price drop.

Build reputation

      Open the income gap of transaction mining through NFT cards of different star levels, attract users to synthesize a large number of advanced cards, greatly reduce the number of NFT in circulation, and increase its value steadily and reasonably. Considering that speculators will disrupt the market order and affect the reputation of ANT NEST. The platform has set up a mechanism of increasing daily commission, which greatly increases the cost of speculators’ volume brushing and ensures the fairness of transaction mining.

        In addition, ANT NEST ensures that loyal users can obtain long-term valuable mining rewards and become a truly reputable NFT trading platform by adding a series of value to the platform equity currency ANTST, such as repurchase of 30% USDT commission, reasonable lock release mechanism, diversified application scenarios and destruction mechanism.

Because the NFT works on ANT NEST are widely sought after, the trading mining mechanism is fair and lasting, and the value of the platform equity currency ANTST continues to rise, the NFT secondary market will eventually form a virtuous circle, and the NFT on the platform will continue to circulate, thus creating the world’s first NFT trading reputation. The platform will also attract more new users to participate in NFT trading and mining while the trading volume is gradually increasing, enjoy the rich benefits brought by the ANTST incentive mechanism, and grow together with the platform. Finally, ANT NEST will become the largest NFT trading platform in the world.

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