EA Help services have confirmed that a major outage is affecting a number of its platforms and games today.

So this is probably why Apex Legends servers are down and you are unable to join in the fun.

The good news is that EA is aware of the current server outage and are looking to fix things quickly.

The bad news is that this has been the situation for several hours and gamers are still struggling to get online.

The message from EA Help services reads: “We’re currently looking into the issues affecting our services. If you can’t play online, access Origin or EA Help, we’re on it.”

For now, there is no ETA on how long Apex Legends servers will be down today, April 14.

According to the thousands of reports coming in today regarding the EA Server outage, problems are mainly popping up in Europe and the United States.

This includes logging into Apex Legends on Origin and other platforms to find an error code waiting for you.

One user writes: “I just wanted to play and I see this “Unable to complete EA Account sign in (CODE 100)” Let me play Apex!”

Another adds: “Not working for me or my husband…but my daughter can get on her PS4 in the same house, Warzone it is…”

It should be noted that multiplayer servers are under a lot of added strain right now due to the numbers of people currently at home.

And with more people trying to access EA games around the same time, problems like this can occur.