It’s an impressive statistic and an incredible benefit for the planet. However, there is an issue.

While most people already have a few iPhone mains charging plugs lying around at home – these won’t work with the charging cable included with your new iPhone. That’s because Apple has switched to Lighting to USB-C cables with all of its new smartphones.

Until now, these cables were only included with the iPhone 11 Pro, while the iPhone 11 used the Lighting to USB-A cable.

While the Lighting to USB-C cable enables fast wired charging …you’ll need to buy a new plug to connect it to the wall. Of course, if you already have an iPad Pro charging plug, or any recent Android smartphone plug, you’ll be able to connect the cable to that. If you don’t have any of those wall plugs in your home, you’ll need to cough-up £19 for the charging plug from the Apple Store.