At the Press Conference in New York, Holo Foundation Repeatedly Discussed the Statter Network

The Holo Foundation, as the main investment institution for Statter Network, held a Press Conference at OTC Markets Group in New York, and gave a brief introduction of the upcoming 2023 Metaverse Summit and Statter Network to present journalists and important guests. Some financial and technology journalists, Wall Street fund managers, senior officials from the State of New York, and economists from the American Society of Appraisers, as well as American Community Representative of Statter Network attended the Conference.


At the beginning of the Conference, Founder and President of Holo Foundation, Ms. Fibona, gave a detailed introduction of upcoming 2023 Holo Metaverse Ecology Summit in June, and claimed the number of participants in the Conference is expected to be over 10,000. Entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, AI developers, creators of Metaverse start-ups, and media reporters from over ten countries will attend the Conference. At the same time, she also stated the importance and advantages of investment in Statter Network, including full adoption of Statter’s technology in future construction of Metaverse industry. 


The organizer will invite American politicians, businessmen, and stars from the entertainment industry to the Conference and communicate with the participants. The Conference plans to invite Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and Lady Gaga, etc. By the time, Statter Network will make an appearance at the Conference, deliver the speech about Metaverse and blockchain technology and discuss technical features and commercial appeal with presences.

Back to Press Conference, senior officials in the New York Governor’s Office, Elaine, stated a warm welcome to Metaverse Conference held in New York in his speech, and affirmed the contributions of innovation of Metaverse and blockchain technology to business and society, what’s more, he said New York Governor shows strongly support innovation in the technology and financial industries.


Economists Dr. Samuel Scott from the American Society of Appraisers introduced innovative technology of Metaverse. Dr. Samuel Scott assumed that Web3, Metaverse and blockchain have an inseparable relationship with each other, yet the development benefit from the support of technology essentially. Research of Dr. Samuel Scott has made a great contribution to economic model and ecological construction of Statter Network. 


Brian Cavalli, vice president of Data Tracks, introduced the differences between traditional industry’s IPO procedure and platforms like IEO and IDO, which built based on blockchain. Besides, he expressed appreciation on convenient procedure of decentralized platform, which provide a shortcut for industry to open a new financial market. As a comprehensive Metaverse blockchain platform, Statter Network is capable of meeting need of listing companies in the era of Web3.  


Statter Network is a Metaverse infrastructure incubated and invested by the Holo Foundation, it facilitates the rapid formation of the new ecology of the Holo Metaverse, which has three significant benefits:

First of all, for Holo industrial ecology, the Statter Network delivers developed blockchain technology and optimized infrastructure and offers a solid bottom-layer foundation for developing Web3 applications. 

Second, the Statter Network facilitates the rapid development of the Holo Metaverse industry and the emergence of new concepts. 

Thirdly, thanks to its outstanding features and cutting-edge blockchain technology, the Statter Network will empower 112 industrial spaces in the Holo industry with all-round blockchain and Metaverse services.


As a public blockchain with Metaverse features, Statter Network could not only offers all-round services for Metaverse industrial ecology, but also provide efficiency supports to AI, DeFi, GameFi and establishment of public blockchain. Advantages of Statter are: drag-and-drop public blockchain technology, puzzle-style DApp creation technology, SPoW mining and low carbon new consensus, persistent deflation economic model, ecological complete application market, abundant capital institutions (has obtained tens of millions of dollars of financing), professional founding team, etc.

After the longtime technological development, Statter Network is coming close to the stage of releasing testnet, and they already has launched the ecological wallet, Statter Wallet. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and miners cannot wait to join this carnival, they try to mine first batch of STT tokens in tesnet to receive a munificent reward. 

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