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Retro gaming fans will be pleased to hear that Atari has brought back one of its iconic racing series from the 1970s and 80s. NeoSprint is a modern reboot of the classic Sprint series, which first appeared in arcades back in 1976. NeoSprint shares some similarities with its forebears, featuring a top-down, isometric viewpoint, fast cars and twisty courses full of tight bends and long straights. Needless to say, the new game comes with a graphical overhaul, utilising a colourful art style that really brings the courses to life. If you remember the Sprint series, or simply love a good arcade racer, then the good news is that NeoSprint is out now on PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Steam users can even purchase the game at a discounted price until July 11, with NeoSprint selling for £18.99 instead of £20.99.

Atari explains more: “Atari’s single-screen Sprint series brought multiplayer racing to arcades in the 1970s, complete with steering wheels, gas and brake pedals, and gear shifts.

“The gem of the series was Sprint 8, which allowed 8 friends to compete in frenzied single-screen action.

“With NeoSprint, the fun of single-screen co-op racing is reimagined with modern racing sim elements while embracing the series’ lineage.”

Indeed, as hinted at in the official description, NeoSprint supports 8-person local multiplayer for extremely chaotic races.

It also has a campaign mode, which tasks players with winning increasingly challenging cup competitions in order to unlock new customisation elements.

There’s even obstacle courses to really test your skills, not to mention time trial challenges for leaderboard fanatics.

However, the real jewel in the crown is the course creator, which gives NeoSprint almost unlimited replay value.

Not only does the course creator give players the tools to create tracks with complex jumps and fiendish turns, but you can build your circuits up to three levels high.

Likewise, the course creator comes with three different biomes that players can use to give their courses even more personality.

In addition to creating and sharing your own courses, players can download tracks created by the NeoSprint community, which is ideal if you’re as lazy as I am!

Fingers crossed NeoSprint takes off and becomes a success, because we’d love to see developer Headless Chicken Games add even more tools for the course creator in the future.

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