deposit & withdrawals highlights

The deposit and withdrawal are safe and fast is very important for user’s funds.

As a world-class comprehensive crypto asset trading platform, Belem uses data to reflect strength, covering 120 countries around the world and having more than 8 million users to strength certification. provides users with one-stop digital asset financial services, including traditional currency trading, perpetual currency leveraged trading, C2C trading and up to 100 times (weekly, quarterly) contract trading, diversified investment options, and enriched users’ trading and financial management forms.  In actual transactions, also has multiple languages, perfect customer service system, and fast transaction speed.

The deposit is concerned, provide a variety of deposit methods for users to choose, and the deposit is very fast.

Deposit USDT in Belem, only the following steps:

1. Click the Assets button

2. Select USDT as the deposit currency

3. Click USDT-TRC20

4. Tap Copy Address icon

5. Open Wallet and click Transfer

6. Select USDT

7. Paste the Belem address you just copied

8. Enter the amount

9. Click Next to make the payment

10. Done

It is important to note that this process may incur a small processing fee.

Generally speaking, more convenient payment methods charge higher rates, but have always been “user as wealth” to provide users with lower rates than their peers.

Moreover, if the currency in which the user deposits funds differs from the regular currency in the user’s bank account, some exchanges on the market may deduct fees for this, but will not charge any conversion fees.

If you want to invest in other currencies, you can also directly trade in currencies, and users can make multiple types of digital asset investments faster without increasing investment, fully realizing multiple benefits.

For example, to exchange USDT for BTC, just click “Coin Transaction” on the page, select the USDT/BTC trading pair, fill in the quotation and transaction quantity, and select “Buy”, which can also be quickly received.

In addition to the speed of deposits, users are more worried about problems that occur when withdrawing funds, such as freezing cards, freezing, slow speed, theft, etc. In the, the withdrawal is more secure and smooth, users only need to select “I want to sell” on the page, select the currency and amount to be sold, and set up the way to receive money, such as bank card, WeChat, Alipay, etc., up to 3 working days to receive the account.

The speed of is quite rapid, such as Coinsquare, Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, which takes 3-9 business days to withdraw, Wealthsimple Crypto withdrawals take 3-5 days, and takes up to 3 business days. safe, simple and fast deposit and withdrawal methods of the exchange, creating a good trading experience for users and winning the trust of global users, which is inseparable from the business principle of “ensuring the safety of customer funds”

Since its establishment, Exchange has always put users first, the top technical team has world-leading security technology, put users’ funds in a separate account, to ensure that users in the crypto world, do not give up the control of their own funds, and will never use user assets for other purposes, users can trade with peace of mind. 

In addition, also attaches great importance to compliance and supervision, and currently holds financial regulatory licenses in many countries and regions such as MSB Financial License in the United States, MAS License in Singapore, and MSB License in Canada.

A license represents the compliance of an exchange, and having a license means that it is reasonable to conduct business. To some extent, the greater the number of financial licenses held, the stronger the platform.  Whether it is the safety and speed of deposits and withdrawals, or the number of licenses held, is in a leading position in the world.

This not only allows to continue to increase its share of the trading market, but also wins the respect of many well-known people in the industry. believe that through technological innovation, its own strong advantages and business philosophy, it will empower the global financial industry and create a more secure, efficient and transparent crypto asset ecosystem.

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