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In the post-pandemic era, the financial industry has begun to heat up. When new technologies such as big data, AI, and blockchain have become a new force to transform the financial industry in the Internet era, the B-side of global financial service innovation has gradually emerged: a huge talent gap.

According to Liepin Global’s data, bachelor’s degrees in the financial industry account for more than 50%, the proportion of high education in the industry is the first, and the proportion of master’s and doctoral degrees in the financial industry is much higher than that of the entire industry. It is not difficult to see that the demand trend for talents in the financial industry is more inclined to “high-precision and cutting-edge”.

In terms of talent training, Belem Exchange’s investment of time and capital costs cannot be underestimated. For example, Belem Exchange will gather global elites, and its technical team comes from Google, Oracle, SoftBank, Citi, Goldman Sachs and other top 500 Internet finance venture capital companies, and has rich experience in high-frequency trading, security protection and underlying architecture development. Including Belem Exchange’s recent public announcement of its founder and core members official website, it also confirms that this is indeed a diversified talent team.

This can actually be seen from Belem Exchange founder & CEO Micheal, although he is a doctor of computer security from the University of Michigan, but in the conversation with him, it is difficult to believe that he has witnessed the blockchain Birth and rise, perhaps it is also his low-key and humble personality that allows Micheal to maintain a high degree of concentration and become a senior software engineer digging deep into trading systems. Including that he once delved into high-performance distributed systems, which played a huge role in the underlying blockchain framework technology for websites.

Technology continues to innovate, and the industry also needs to keep up with the wave of technology to empower development. When web system development was on the rise, Belem Exchange also tried to make some new breakthroughs in the technical aspects of websites. The emergence of the current CTO Roderick has given a new development path, he is a senior software architect with a computer science degree and MCSD certification, with decades of research on web system development, he is constantly looking for rules in change, combining web system development with the status quo of, which has strongly promoted the technological evolution of websites.

In addition to the world’s top talent, platform expansion is inseparable from the market. How to stabilize in the unpredictable market is a topic that every market operator should think about. Kenneth, head of market operations at Belem Exchange, said that the feedback from the market is real and cruel, and practitioners must have sufficient practical experience to quickly discover the core between repeated jumps in the market. Years of experience have honed Kenneth’s keen and precise sense of smell, and under Kenneth’s organization, Belem Exchange continues to move steadily in a volatile market.

Throughout history, businesses that offer a single service have been more likely to be left behind. What Belem Exchange wants to provide customers with is not only financial services, but also to build a transparent, open and shared financial ecosystem. The composition of the ecosystem is inseparable from the flow of information, and the existence of investment advisers makes up for the loss caused by poor information. Eric Maskin of the Belem Exchange team is a professional investment consultant and a cybersecurity expert who has invested in 40+ blockchain projects around the world He has published 100+ papers in authoritative journals in the industry, including some professional investment advice on website, all by Eric.

Talent is the first resource to lead development, and only a team that can provide technical practical solutions for the blockchain industry has the ability to empower the entire industry. Micheal, the founder of Belem Exchange, also mentioned in the team display page of the website, “We want to build a professional team with ideals and top capabilities Form the distinctive characteristics of strategic unity, top team, expert leadership, multi-habitat and enterprising. ”

In the future, the competition in the industry will develop into a competition for talents.  There is only one choice for crypto asset exchanges: invest more in their technical teams. Belem Exchange hopes to continuously optimize the industry’s underlying transaction technology framework through blockchain technology and concepts, and create a more efficient, transparent and credible diversified trading ecosystem.

Belem, the top comprehensive crypto asset trading platform

Founded in 2017, BELEM Exchange has more than 8 million users in 120 countries around the world, providing one-stop crypto asset financial services such as currency trading, contract trading, C2C, OTC, asset management and other one-stop crypto asset financial services to global users, and is committed to building a one-stop blockchain trading platform with security as the core.

When transactions begin to go global, compliance will become the main theme of the industry. At present, BELEM Exchange holds financial regulatory licenses in many countries and regions such as MSB Financial License in the United States, MAS License in Singapore, MSB License in Canada, etc., to ensure compliant transactions. In the future, BELEM Exchange will continue to accelerate the transformation of the financial industry with technology, broaden the global territory of cryptocurrency trading, and create a diversified international financial ecosystem for BELEM Exchange digital asset circulation.

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