BELEM Million USD Referal Bonus to New Clients (Phase I)

In the foreseeable future, a new round of “crypto investment boom” is coming.

BELEM, established in 2017, is a world-class comprehensive crypto asset trading platform, which always focuses on “security” to create a safe, reliable and convenient one-stop blockchain trading platform, providing a wide range of blockchain asset services for tens of millions of cryptocurrency users worldwide.

After five years of high-quality innovative development, BELEM has become a top international exchange, which has more than 8 million users around the world, and the company covers 120 countries and regions around the world. To provide users with higher quality investment services and develop international investment horizons, BELEM is now launching the Phase I of the Million Invitation to New Rewards Activity, to dance with users in the stage of financial globalization.

Activity details: In the BELEM Million Invitation to New Rewards Activity Phase I, for every new user invited by BELEM old users, both old users and new users can get 5 USDT reward. Invitation rewards are unlimited, the more new users invited, the rewards can be accumulated to a million!

New users: Register and complete identity verification during the activity period, a single recharge ≥ 50 USDT.

Activity Period: Now – October 26, 2022

Activity Clarification:

1. To ensure the fairness of the activity, BELEM prohibits users from violating the trading rules. If the user has any violations that affect the normal operation of the activity, BELEM platform will immediately withdraw all rewards and ban the account.

2. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to BELEM.

BELEM invites all veteran users to organize your partners, register as new BELEM users, and together with each other to empower and advance, to seize the wealth opportunities and share millions of earnings!

Why join BELEM platform?

1. High Security

When the cryptocurrency opens global development, the security issue will certainly cause unprecedented concern. BELEM platform’s project side said, “For BELEM, only integrity is gold, only the righteous will advance, only innovation will be strong, only security is eternal.” Safety is eternal, which is the spirit of BELEM’s development. BELEM has been adhering to compliance operations, the platform holds the U.S. MSB financial license, MAS license in Singapore, MSB license in Canada and other countries and regions of financial regulatory licenses to fully ensure compliance with the transaction and protect the rights and interests of users.

2. Strong Professionalism

The core members of BELEM platform are early investors of cryptocurrency assets, who have participated and witnessed the birth, growth and gradual maturity of cryptocurrency assets, and have a thorough understanding of cryptocurrency assets, and have formed a set of proven knowledge system of cryptocurrency asset trading. BELEM’s hardcore technical team, came from the world’s leading Internet finance VC 500 companies, such as Google, Oracle, Softbank, Citi, Goldman Sachs, etc., with extensive experience in high-frequency trading, security protection and underlying architecture development.

3. Convenient Investment

BELEM can also provide global users with one-stop cryptocurrency asset financial services such as coin trading, contract trading, C2C, OTC, asset management, etc. Diversified products and services, systematic and long-term global asset allocation, can meet the diversified and specialized user investment needs, so that your investment becomes more simple and faster.

We sincerely welcome you and your friends to join BELEM. In the new round of cryptocurrency investment boom, BELEM will drive global financial changes with technology, broaden the global map of cryptocurrency trading, lead the new ecology of products, and jointly build BELEM digital asset circulation diversified international financial ecosystem!

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