BELEM provides extensive blockchain asset services for tens of millions of global cryptocurrency users

As a world-class comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform, BELEM provides extensive blockchain asset services for tens of millions of global cryptocurrency users, aiming to create one-stop security centered blockchain trading platform. Established in 2017, BELEM’s headquarters is in Denver, USA, with numerous subsidiaries in 120 countries and over 8 million users. Its core members are early investors in crypto assets, technical teams are consisted of talents from Google, Oracle, SoftBank, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and other top 500 internet finance venture capital enterprises, which own extensive experience in high-frequency trading, security protection and underlying architecture development.

The platform, meanwhile, provides one-stop crypto asset financial services, for instance, monetary transaction, contractual dealings, C2C, OTC, and asset management, etc. for global users. Adhering to the core values of security as the cornerstone, innovation as the core, integrity as the soul, and users as the wealth, it persists in selecting high-quality crypto assets for investors, creating new models of science and technology finance for users, leading the new trend of industry products. HP Scientific and Technological Finance.

BELEM adheres to compliance operation, and owns US MSB Financial License, Singapore MAS License, Canadian MSB license and other financial regulatory licenses issued by many countries and regions for guaranteeing the interests of users thoroughly. To follow international development trend and embark on the strategic layout of globalization, BELEM is expected to be ready for listing in 2023, and enter diversified international financial ecosystem of BELEM digital asset circulation! Join BELEM, let’s keep track of the global development trends together and enjoy the wealth benefits!

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