Berry Exchange launched VIP system, starting to protect investor interests

The wave of technology has made the rapid rise of new global trading forces, and the snatch for users has become the main battlefield for the next stage of expansion.

Berry Exchange, which deeply studies the pain points of users, is committed to building a global one-stop cryptocurrency trading platform, providing global cryptocurrency investors with security and high yield as the core services.  BERRY is user-oriented, deeply researching the investment habits and product preferences of tens of thousands of investors around the world, and is committed to providing more high-quality product experience and services for the majority of loyal users, BERRY to meet the various trading and financial needs of users.

Starting from the trading rights and value-added system, BERRY VIP rights were released. This is exactly the upgrade and leap of BRRY to take user needs as the core and feed back customers.

BERRY VIP, exclusive rights and exclusive service

BERRY VIP can get more exclusive rights and better exclusive services, BERRY opens a series of special rights, mainly including transactions, rewards and user value-added three aspects, BERRY is VIP Users provide customized services, in addition to special transaction rights and value-added rights, BERRY pays more attention to the cooperation and growth with users, and designs a complete set of user value-added system to share with you. For details, please refer to the VIP tier benefits list:

VIPgrade Number of activations upgradeConditions CumulativeTransaction amount earningsPercentage Simple EarnAdditional benefits VIPReward/U sign inReward/U
VIP1 10 or 3000 0.90% 10% 10 0.2
VIP2 30 or 10000 0.85% 15% 30 0.5
VIP3 60 or 30000 0.80% 20% 100 1
VIP4 120 or 100000 0.75% 25% 300 2
VIP5 250 or 300000 0.70% 30% 600 5
VIP6 500 or 900000 0.60% 40% 1000 10
VIP7 1000 or 3000000 0.50% 55% 2000 20
VIP8 2000 or 9000000 0.40% 70% 5000 40
VIP9 3000 or 27000000 0.30% 85% 10000 88

Note: List of BERRY  VIP tier benefits

BERRY VIP, a tiered and exclusive benefit

BERRY VIP is set to a tiered system, and users can unlock new VIP level benefits by participating in transactions on the platform or reaching the corresponding number of new activations. Different levels of users enjoy different benefits, and the higher the level, the higher the benefits. This is not only a guarantee for the rights and interests of existing loyal users, but also an incentive for new users.

BERRY VIP Level Setting Details:

1.BERRY VIP is divided into 9 levels (VIP1-VIP9), the higher the user level, the higher the transaction fee discount, and VIP The wider the entitlements

2. The BERRY VIP level system sets two upgrade schemes, and users can be promoted to the corresponding VIP level if they meet any of the upgrade mechanisms

3. Users can view your level, rate, and upgrade conditions in real time in Account Security

BERRY VIP, open rights and interests symbiosis and win-win

On the Berry Exchange, users can not only enjoy exclusive rights, but also obtain more open rights, such as information sharing, trading rights and ecological rights of industry dynamic news.

In the stage of VIP rights launch, the trading rights and ecological rights provided by BERRY include:

1. Trading Rights

– Reduction of cryptocurrency transaction fees, up to 70%.

When VIP users trade in various currencies at BERRY, BERRY will reduce the fee by up to 70%.

– Simple Earn Wealth Management Bonus

VIP can enjoy regular high-interest wealth management while enjoying additional income, up to 85%.

– VIP exclusive rewards

If you reach the designated VIP level, you will be rewarded with the corresponding VIP amount

– VIP check-in bonuses

If you reach the designated VIP level, the amount of check-in reward is different

– VIP exclusive trading event incentives

We will hold exclusive trading activities for VIP users from time to time to enjoy tailored gameplay and rewards

2. Ecological rights

– BERRY Global Partner

VIP can become a global partner of BERRY, become a community of interests with the platform, participate in community construction, and obtain customized rebate rights and ecological rights and interests

– BERRY offline meet-and-greet

BERRY will hold offline members-only exchange activities, seminar and exchange meetings, etc

BERRY, which is oriented to user needs, will adjust from time to time according to the feedback of the usage to provide more preferential products and services for loyal users.


In order to ensure the fairness and compliance of activities, Berry Exchange shall not engage in malicious registration, order brushing, extortion, money laundering and other violations, once discovered, Berry Exchange has the right to immediately cancel user qualifications and suspend the account. THE FINAL INTERPRETATION OF THE EVENT BELONGS TO BERRY.

BERRY, the world’s one-stop cryptocurrency trading platform

Over the years, BERRY has always regarded security and stability as the key to operation, and has established a dedicated security team to formulate strict security policies, and has been committed to ensuring the security of users and the platform. The perfect combination of cutting-edge professional technical team, powerful platform services and Internet financial system is the cornerstone of BERRY’s emergence in the new generation of giants.

Standing in the hunting field of global trading, BERRY has the ambition of going deep into the world, finding the real value, continuing to promote the technological innovation of global cryptocurrencies, constantly filling the gap in the new trading era, and rewriting the future of new trading with its own strength and tens of thousands of loyal users!

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