BIG ERA GAMES Spearheads WINR GAME INC’s Expansion into the Chinese Market

MELBOURNE, Australia –Signaling a new era in the gaming industry, BIG ERA GAMES,backed by its parent company WINR GAME INC, is set to make a grand entry into the Chinese gaming landscape. Established in 2022 with its headquarters nestled in Melbourne, Australia, Big Era Games stands true to its ethos of “Play Easy & Win Big”.

With its pioneering vision, Big Era Games has successfully carved a niche for itself in the global market. The brand’s flagship game, “Big Time Cash”, is not only a testament to its excellence, with nearly a hundred million downloads, but also a revolution in itself – being the first-ever game that allows players to earn real money. This innovation has changed the lives of many, rewarding lucky players with millions of dollars.

Now, turning its focus to the East, Big Era Games, in partnership with its domestic entity Bo Seng Technology Ltd., is gearing up to launch its new game “Treasure Hunt Era” in China. As part of this expansion, the brand is committed to rolling out a spectrum of diverse games and fostering a dynamic gaming community. By seamlessly integrating enjoyable gaming experiences with substantial rewards, Big Era Games is poised to redefine industry standards in China. Players across the nation will soon have the chance to dive into the Big Era gaming universe, relishing in the joy of gameplay while having opportunities to win big.

WINR GAME INC, the company behind Big Era Games, has received investments from well-known groups like Blockchain Capital and Play Ventures this year.

About Big Era Games

A subsidiary of the renowned WINR GAME INC, Big Era Games, has emerged as a frontrunner in innovating the global gaming arena. With its groundbreaking game mechanics and player-centric approach, it continues to shape the future of interactive entertainment.

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