Binance Pool Anniversary Event Airdrop Begins

.I celebrate my birthday, you receive a gift! Join #Binance Pool and join the Binance Pool anniversary event, we will randomly airdrop BNB to participating users!

.Binance Pool is committed to empowering miners and the cryptocurrency of the global crypto mining industry, enabling miners to obtain higher returns through strong technical means.

. Binance Pool users and miners have seen a 50% average return increase since the exchange-backed pool launched the service. Binance Pool has acquired over 6000 miners and has delivered over 6.52 EH/s hashrate since launch.

The company explained that Binance Pool enables all Binance Pool miners to increase their mining income by automatically mining the most profitable cryptocurrency and automatically switching their hash rate to mine different cryptocurrencies with the same algorithm.

. Currently, Binance Pool supports the SHA256 algorithm, allowing miners to use their computing power to mine BTC, BCH, and BSV. Even if miners are mining different cryptocurrencies, Binance Pool pays them the final mining settlement in BTC.

. Binance Pool features include instant settlement in BTC and guaranteed minimum BTC income.

. With real-time hedging, it ensures that the final revenue is never lower than the average revenue of the FPPS model. If the final income reaches a level lower than the general FPPS income, Binance Pool will pay the difference.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Binance Pool launched a special airdrop event. For those who are interested, please refer to the rules of the leftover event.

How to get an empty investment card:

.Users who held bnb before November 24, 2021 via pancakeswap, and traded above $150 after October 31, 2021.

.Each eligible user can get up to 5 airdrop rewards.

Reward amount:

Users will receive a random amount (1-10) of BNB airdrops around December 1, 2021.

Additional benefits:

If a user who is eligible to participate in the airdrop successfully invites friends, and the friend’s transaction volume reaches 100-500 USDT, both parties can receive a random amount of bnb airdrop once.

Terms and Conditions:

. Airdrop rewards are limited to the first 50,000 users.

.Rewards will be distributed to user accounts around December 1, 2020.

.BINANCE POOL reserves the right to cancel or modify the event and event rules at its sole discretion.

For details on participating activities, please refer to the website:

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