BLOCK BOX uses technology to create an almighty aggregated token

Founded in 2021, Block Box is a one-stop center for incubation jointly launched by a number of American foundations, a joint blockchain technology development company Supercoin, a well-known blockchain investment platform Animoca Brands, and many other venture capital institutions and development platforms. technology ecological platform.The total circulation of Block Box’s ecological token BAB is 21 million (there is no reservation when going online) and will be deployed on the BSC chain. The method of crowdfunding will be adopted, and there will be no reservations for going online. All 6% of the transaction transfer tax will be used for repurchase and destruction. The marketing fund will be pulled from time to time. It is a future business ecological platform that aims to integrate with multiple main chain networks. The innovative future-oriented blockchain operating system is a decentralized and diverse infrastructure based on blockchain technology.

The block box ecology will cover wallets, Swap transaction pending orders, market browsers, cross-chain transfer, encrypted chat, encrypted transfer, and other derivative application scenarios, which may have a huge role in promoting the entire DEFI ecosystem. The future technology can be implemented in BSC, BTC , The mutual cross-chain between ETH and other block networks, BAB allows every participant to become a contributor and beneficiary, making the financial vertical field more fair and transparent, and also allowing more global nodes to participate in this event. The project benefits from the project and retains the right to vote governance. The technical team will spare no effort to increase investment in technology update and ecological research and development, and provide strong technical support for the development and progress of BAB. off to a good start. The members have rich experience in R&D and operation in the field of digital currency, and the team members are all from early digital currency investors and blockchain technology researchers. High-quality communities at home and abroad have reached strategic cooperation, and will cooperate with cooperative communities in ecological construction, consensus promotion, user growth and other aspects, providing strong support for block box promotion and market brand building.

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