Activision has confirmed the official end time and date for their Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Gamers have been busily putting the game through its paces, with developers Infinity Ward setting crossplay live on all platforms.

This means that everyone has been able to play together, regardless of what platform they are using for the MW beta.

And we now know when the Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta ends on Monday, September 23.

There is still a chance that it will be extended by an extra 24hrs, something that has happened in the past.

But barring any last-minute extension, all Call of Duty gamers will see the Modern Warfare beta end in 24hrs time.


According to Activision, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare open beta is scheduled to end at the same time on each platform.

That means on September 23; everyone will see their access cut off, regardless if they are on PS4, Xbox One or PC.

PlayStation gamers have had the most time to check out the new game, which has a launch date set for October. And we now know the exact time for when things will be coming to an end tomorrow.

According to Activision, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta end time has been set for 6pm, BST, in the UK. For gamers in the United States, that will mean COD servers going offline at 10am, PST.

As ever, if there are any changes to the official schedule, we will update this article to reflect the new end time.

While there have been spikes in reports of servers being down for Call of Duty MW, there has been nothing to constitute a mass outage, lasting a long time.

There are those fans who would like to see the beta extended, due to bugs getting in the way of their gametime. However, as with all betas, this playtest has been designed to try and iron out the worst issues before the game is released in October.

“The Beta should be extended to help iron out a lot of the bugs tbh. It’s fun, but it’s a mess,” one user writes.

Another COD fan adds: “It’s a beta, it’s for the devs to iron out the game before launch not for us to finish the entire game. I think the time is fine.”

“The time is fine, there’s no need to level up halfway to the cap or something.”

“Let them iron things out, I’m a big fan of the tactical gameplay it means no more people running around going on kill streaks just because they rushed you.

“People wanted change and got it now they want to go back to what pissed them off in the first place.”

Here’s more from Activision on the running of the crossplay beta test for Call of Duty Modern Warfare:

“The introduction of crossplay in Modern Warfare when it launches next month on October 25th is only one example of how Call of Duty is uniting the community in the ultimate multiplayer playground.

“We’ll also see the removal of Season Pass along with plans to release free maps and content post-launch. With crossplay, developer Infinity Ward is ensuring players can experience together the badass fun of Call of Duty multiplayer regardless of system.

“This weekend’s Crossplay Open Beta will provide not only a great opportunity for gamers to have a blast together, but also provide developers important feedback as they polish for worldwide release next month.”