The Call of Duty Warzone Bunker locations are active again and allow gamers to loot them, if they have an access card.

It appears that there is one new location to explore following this week’s Modern Warfare Season 5 update, and plenty of old haunts to visit.

The first step is finding a way to open the Warzone bunkers, leaving a lot up to luck for each game.

That’s because to gain access to a Warzone bunker, you will need to first find a red access card.

And the only way to find one of those is through opening an orange crate, which isn’t always guaranteed to have one or killing another player who already got lucky.


For those who have already looked around the map and know where old bunkers are situated, you’ll find it easy to go back to them.

Most of these older bunkers are active again and include the following locations:

  • North West – Promenade West, North of the Kart Track
  • North West – Boneyard Bunkers
  • South side of D2 – the Dam road
  • South of the Military Base
  • The Railroad tunnel at H3
  • North East of Stadium – two locations
  • The base of the rock at Prison bottom right on map screen
  • South of Park along the coastline
  • North West of Military Base Mountains.

You can use the map above to get a better idea of some of these locations and it should be noted that another bunker has also been found.

The latest Warzone Season 5 Bunker can be found under the Verdansk Stadium, a new location now available to explore. The problem here is that the door leading to the new Warzone Bunk is locked with a keypad, and seems to need a stadium access code.

Other locations in the Stadium can be unlocked using different means and it’s unclear what needs to be done to gain that new Bunker access code. Warzone gamers are also reporting being able to access Bunker 11 again, but this requires a lot more work.

The location northwest of Military Base requires that you complete a challenge involving picking up phones, and listen to messages read in the Russian language, followed by a unique chime.

Here is a short tutorial of the Bunker 11 process shared on Reddit by the Warzone community and Redditor Malteneer:

Start by drooping in one of these locations:

  • Dam
  • BCH4 TV Station (two phones)
  • building south of Boneyard
  • buildings between Promenade East and Hills
  • Car dealer between Airport and Superstore
  • Port main building
  • Skyscraper in Downtown (1 floor down from the roof)
  • Fire station across bunker 11

In these locations you’ll find a phone, pick up the phone and it will do one of two things:

  • It will give a disconnect tone.
  • A Russian guy will start talking and will give you three numbers in Russian.

Whenever option 2 happens, listen carefully for the Russian numbers he provides. The numbers correspond to phones around the map.

When you’ve picked up the three correct phones in the correct order, you’ll be able to go to bunker 11 and get inside.”

A map of the phone locations can be found on the original Reddit post here, providing the codes needed.