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NASA’s latest space station cargo includes a 3D printing system for lunar soil

NASA has edged one step closer to building Moon and Mars colonies using the celestial bodies' soil. Universe Today notes that NASA's latest International Space Station resupply mission included a machine meant...

Guy Behind Fake Cormac McCarthy Twitter Account is Actually a California Gubernatorial Candidate

Cormac McCarthy, author of many a novel about dark, dark things, has never been on Twitter, but that hasn’t stopped other people from tweeting for him. A fake account for the writer,...

Gigabyte is the latest major PC maker to suffer a ransomware attack

Acer and Apple aren't the only big PC brands reeling from ransomware attacks in recent times. Bleeping Computer and United Daily News report that Taiwan-based Gigabyte suffered a ransomware attack between August...

Animated Sci-Fi Short The Desert: Lonely Robots on Earth

In a future where humanity has abandoned its home planet—or perhaps gone entirely extinct, as bits of atomic-bomb imagery suggest—robots rule, but it’s a lonely and strange existence. They’re drawn to things...
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