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Chinese hackers disguised themselves as Iran to target Israel

The only obvious countermove to this problem is to try putting investigators off the trail by going after targets that aren’t really of interest. But that causes its own issues—raising the volume...

A new generation of AI-powered robots is taking over warehouses

This is what the latest generation of robotics companies like Covariant and Osaro specialize in, a technology that didn’t become commercially viable until late 2019. Right now such robots are most skilled...

Apple defends its new anti-child abuse tech against privacy concerns

Following this week’s announcement, some experts think Apple will soon announce that iCloud will be encrypted. If iCloud is encrypted but the company can still identify child abuse material, pass evidence along...

New global map shows populations are growing faster in flood-prone areas

And while the global population grew by 18.6% from 2000 to 2015, the population in these areas outpaced that growth, increasing by 34.1% over the same period. That means between 58...
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