“Block chain, which is the worst new economic term in 2018, will be the trigger zone of the next generation of information revolution.” -Wu Xiaobo

A review of the block chain in 2018, from the hot three o’clock community in the beginning of the year, and then in August the ICO bubble was broken, 98.8% of the project break; From June, when EOS mainline opened block chain 3.0 era, to the second half of the year, EOS fell into the wave of BM leaving. From the height of Yitaifang in the beginning of the year to the end of the year when it stepped down from the altar. In just one year, from the capital pet to the chains, the chains of blocks have been destroyed from heaven to hell. The changes brought about by technological development have never been smooth sailing. When everyone doubts, denies or fears about the future of block chains, the rise of 5G technology may open up a new track for the development of block chains.

From the “voting gate” of 5G of Huawei to the “Meng Wanzhou Incident”, a series of repressions by foreign forces on China show that the technological change of 5G will have a far-reaching impact on the world pattern.In the 5G era, the rapid increase of transmission rate and the unprecedented expansion of intelligent hardware will lead to infinite subdivision of data, which will inevitably make the original de-centralized world more centralized.In particular, the mobile payment under the digital production relationship will certainly damage consumers’ rights and interests in privacy, security and other aspects because of the problem of data security.Chainlong’s idea of “block chain + payment” de-centralization provides a new solution for mobile payment in the 5G era.


  1. The centralization of “Alipay” and the centering of “ Chainlong payment”

With the popularity of mobile phones and 4G networks, mobile payment, represented by Alipay, has changed the life and consumption habits of Chinese people. The increase of 5G data transmission rate will push the digital production relationship to another peak.But at the same time, the information security and privacy problems brought about by the existing “centralized” mobile payment mode are also a difficult problem hindering the globalization of mobile payment.

The success of Alipay has verified the feasibility of digitalized transactions in a country of the world’s second largest economy. Similarly, digital trading will also have immeasurable potential in the world.However, due to the natural barriers such as data issues and information security issues, it is difficult for foreign government agencies to accept such a “centralized” organization from other countries, which is equivalent to hand over the information security and data privacy of their own country to others.The “de-centralization” feature of block chain provides a new way to solve this problem. Its unique technical characteristics can just solve this kind of problem, while showing its unique new advantages.

To establish a new system of ” Chainlong Payment” with block chains, and to develop new possibilities of digital transactions by taking the characteristics of “de-centralization” of digital currency as a breakthrough point.The ingenious combination and application of mature technologies such as block chain distributed data storage, p2p transmission, consensus mechanism and hash encryption algorithm will create an open, transparent and secure trading environment.With the combination of block chain and 5G technology, transnational transfers, transactions and donations will be a huge use scenario, and the scenario of supply chain management is even more limitless.

In short, the mobile payment represented by “Alipay” has strong centralization characteristics and has a very difficult barrier to break through in international payment. The ” Chainlong Payment” which is a decentralized payment mode of “block chain + payment” naturally has an international mobile payment gene.

  1. Sedimentation of Value Chain and Fragmentation to Realize Weak Value Payment

Block chains have a very important function called fragmentation, which is very useful.Why is it useful?

There is a famous “law of 28” that we all know well, that is:In any group of things, the most important is only a small part, about 20%, and the remaining 80% is the majority, but it is secondary, so it is also known as the 28th Law.No matter what industry, the value of head users is always centralized and most of them are for strong value.The bottom users are scattered, a small number, and of weak value.The Matthew effect “the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker” rule is cruelly embodied here.

For example, two big micro blogs V, A has 1 million fans, B has 100 fans. Similarly, an advertisement is issued, and the value of the two is quite different.Under the traditional Internet data analysis, the strong value of A is well analyzed, but the weak value of B is difficult to measure.However, the improvement of 5G technology can measure the weak value of B and precipitate it in the form of Token through block chain.

Most people’s “weak value” is bound and condensed into “strong value” by block chains, and analyzed to each user through the computing power of 5G technology, giving Token a reward, in order to subvert the rules of the whole industry.Use 5G to break up all scenarios, use block chains to collect all the weak values from the bottom, and even participate in project rewards, benefits, dividends and so on in the way of becoming shareholders.This is the core concept of “block chain + payment” of ” Chainlong Payment”. By means of fragmentation, weak value payment can also be realized.

  1. High Frequency Vertical Scene Application + Multidimensional Financial Security Risk Control

High Frequency Vertical Scene Application

The product architecture of Chainlong Payment is applicable to the application of ecological scenarios in many fields, and is mainly used in four areas in terms of current layout:

  • Chain finance:Digital Money Exchange/Electronic Invoice/Cross-border Payment/Financial Services/Supply Chain
  • Chain Life:Entertainment Games/Real Estate/Digital Copyright/Medical Services/Public Welfare/Trading Training
  • Chain Retail:Brand Retail/Integrated Marketing/Logistics Tracking/E-Commerce
  • On-line services:Enterprise Services/Anti-counterfeiting Notarization/Data Services

It basically covers the most frequent application scenarios of block chains at present, and realizes the vertical landing of block chains technology through high computational power of 5G. It initiates changes in the fields of finance, life, retail and service, and presents unprecedented convenience, speed and intelligence in the form of digitalization.

[Multidimensional Financial Security Risk Control]

  • Multi-chain and multi-currency: Chainlong Payment supports multi-chain and multi-currency.BTC, ETH, ERC20, EOS, NEO, HSR and QTUM, etc.
  • Zero handling fee: When consumers consume, they only need to pay for the goods and services provided by the merchants without paying extra handling fees.
  • High security:App password lock and payment password, security keyboard anti-monitoring anti-theft brush, multiple security mechanisms to ensure asset security.

Supporting all kinds of digital currency open interfaces based on Internet mode, zero handling fee can be quickly accessed to all third-party channel agencies, and applied to various online payment scenarios. The technology scheme combines block chains to build a private chain, alliance chain, UK, Google verification technology in a multi-pronged manner, which ensures the security, stability and efficiency of the system, and ensures the smooth operation of high-frequency payment scenarios.

A person’s thoughts can never transcend the times he lives in.The birth of new things will suffer numerous obstacles and difficulties, but looking back from the past history, Motorola in 1G era, Nokia in 2G era, Apple in 3G era, Alibaba, Facebbook, Amazon in 4G era, and even the fermenting 5G era, every major scientific and technological innovation will inevitably bring new impacts and changes to the world.The general trend in the world is vast. Those who follow it will prosper and those who oppose it will perish. For the block chain industry, the same is true.

Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs, has commented on the impact of digital currencies on traditional French currencies.”You know, when paper money replaced gold, people were skeptical.“ Faced with the new 5G track, the application market of block chains and digital payment scenarios will continue to grow.” Chainlong Chain Long Payment” with “Block Chain + Payment” as its core concept will also usher in a brand-new opportunity. Through the development of 5G technology, the application cornerstone of block chain landing scenario will be established, and the financial order of the new world will be created by the change of digital currency.The past can’t be changed, but the future is waiting for you to conquer. This will be another magnificent era.

Finally, I end with a poem from Star Crossing:

  Although wise people know that there is truth in darkness when they die.

Because their words did not flash lightning.

Nor did they go into that good night gently.”

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