Clue Labs Project Investment research: AiGuild, the first “revenue aggregator” project in the GameFi

1.Basic information
Project name: AiGuild – All in one game guild ecosystem
Pass name: AIG
Chain: BSC
Token issuance date: May 8, 2022 (pancake)
Contract address: 0xB28cb3ead6Fb8757b06DD90801122482BBb2e37A
Official website:
White paper:
Official launch date: August 8, 2022
Conversion rate: TBA
Private sale/whitelist: TBA

Eco-Product Components

  • DID-based digital ID and honor system for games
  • Game AppStore and NFT Market with social features
  • POG economic model (suitable for Web2 games without intrusive access and mass conversion of Web2 users)
  • Automated Kryptonite Script Market (security audit + APY ranking)
  • Joint launch of with many famous web3 organizations

2. About AiGuild

AiGuid, a game research organization originating from South Korea, is positioned as a decentralized GameFi aggregation platform dedicated to building an integrated game guild system. If YEarn Finance is the best of the DeFi revenue aggregators, AiGuild is the best revenue aggregation project in the GameFi ecosystem right now.

AiGuild tries to further contribute to the innovation of GameFi system by building infrastructure and tries to leverage their hardware advantage to create a hardware-based Web3 gaming platform with open and easy-to-use SDKs and APIs to empower the GameFi industry. In this Web3 gaming world, people with identities will be able to showcase their achievements, make friends, explore games, and even monetize their identities directly, extending them indefinitely.

In traditional GameFi games, users need to search and screen the games they like, and then try them out one by one. AiGuild’s high-speed and stable game computing and storage service network based on edge computing can help users customize the best game combinations and playing strategies in GameFi, and deliver all earnings are unified and settled to users through the official token – AIG, making it easy for users to cash in on the value.

In order to connect the silos of Web3 games with user empowerment, AIGuild aggregates and analyzes the fragmented data under the chain and creates a one-stop gaming guild ecosystem protocol – AiGuild protocol. Based on this protocol, AiGuild provides users with a meaningful and interesting ‘dashboard’ of descriptive and comparative game statistics, unified scores, leaderboards, and advanced insights and recommendations.

AiGuild is taking the Web3 gaming ecosystem to the next level by building a gamer credential infrastructure, middleware tools, hardware scaffolding, and value exchange platform. And we hope to build a bridge between Web2 gamers and the Web3 gaming ecosystem to maximize value for gamers, game developers, guilds and investors.

3. Roadmap

2022 Q3
AiGuild official website 2.0 officially launched, holding AIG tokens can participate in community governance, and can obtain ecological daily rewards through various ways
AiGuild announces the first list of global game manufacturers to partner with, and announces revenue details to the community

2022 Q4
September 15 AiGuild Game app store officially launches, opening up detailed game data including revenue data
September 30 AiGuild NFT Market beta version is publicly tested, supporting social functions, supporting several well-known public chains and opening API to the industry

2023 Q1
August 30 G-ID test network full network public test, launched the industry’s first aggregated privacy game data identity solution

4. Project advantages

Based on the project’s own advantages:
Reduced user operations (lower participation costs); reduced user fees; increased user revenue.
The games in the current GameFi track are more of a closed world. with AiGuild GameFi aggregator, players do not need to actively develop their own strategies, transforming their investment strategies from active to passive.

Token appreciation revenue advantage:
In the AiGuild ecosystem, AIG is the only official token that reflects the value of the AiGuild ecosystem.
The total supply of AIG is 210,000,000. has gone live on Pancake on May 8, 2022 at 0:00:00 UTC with the following token allocation.

As the only certified circulating Token in the AiGuild ecosystem, AIG has a well-established and mature economic model and plays an important role in the operation of AiGuild.

According to AiGuild’s official ecological roadmap, subsequent AIGs will be acquired mainly by the following means.

  • Direct purchase on the secondary market (currently supported at Pancake)
  • Pledge and liquidity mining on AiGuild’s official website (coming soon)
  • Participation in Sophon NFT ecology to obtain
  • Become a community partner
  • Participate in occasional official activities
  • AIG official follow-up with more ecological cooperation

Under this market background, AiGuild will unlock more benefit scenarios through technical iteration and bring more revenue possibilities for users in the second half of 2022. With the expansion of AiGuild’s global ecological layout and the accumulation of loyal users in the community, AIG, as the only circulating Token, will rise with the expansion of the market and will bring faster and more objective income to its holders.

  1. Project characteristics
  • Cooperation chain tour 200+, with a professional chain tour investment research team, priority to get nft airdrop and project first-hand information, positive income model
  • 90% of Token belongs to community, high degree of decentralization
  • G-ID and honor system make users’ game assets simple
  • POG model introduces a lot of traffic from Web2
  • Huge chain game kryptonite community
  • added support
  1. Disadvantages of the project

The overall data is currently less corroborated, need time to verify whether the revenue can continue to grow, and the current gamefi overall market is relatively low, you can look forward to the market performance in late 2022 and 2023.

  1. Comprehensive Assessment

Short-term Development
ClueLabs is positive about the short-term development of AiGuild. With a very large number of well-known investment institutions behind it and no similar competing products on the market, this project will face a very high short-term excess demand and a high level of heat.

long-term development
At present, the official roadmap disclosed only shows the development plan for Q1 2023, we have no way to know the team’s medium and long-term plan, but according to GameFi market market analysis, we will take a neutral attitude and keep watching whether AiGuild can succeed.

AiGuild Social Media

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Offical Group: 



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