COIN RPO Exchange creates a one-stop digital asset trading and wealth management ecosystem

The birth of COIN RPO Exchange

In view of the existing shortcomings of the exchange, COIN RPO exchange has gradually entered people’s field of vision because of its excellent pain point resolution and the advantages of security, stability and efficiency. In COIN RPO Exchange, users must own the asset absolute control over the exchange is only responsible for providing digital currency liquidity, transaction done by the wisdom of the contract, settlement, clearing and so on through the chain to the web to ensure that the transaction The openness and transparency of users greatly reduces the trust cost of users in the exchange.

Exchange overview

        For existing drawbacks Exchange, COIN RPO Exchange because good pain points and solve the security, stability, high efficiency advantages, gradually go into people’s vision. In COIN RPO Exchange, users must own the asset absolute control over the exchange is only responsible for providing digital currency liquidity, transaction done by the wisdom of the contract, settlement, clearing and so on through the chain to the web to ensure that the transaction The openness and transparency of users greatly reduces the trust cost of users in the exchange.    

        COIN RPO ‘s mission is to give full play to the advantages of technology and operational strength, by providing sufficient financial block chain digital assets through trading platform that offers practitioners the environment and fair competition arena, open and free global block chain industry to promote the block chain The rapid development of technology allows digital assets to link value and allows blockchain technology to be integrated into life.

Introduction to the Exchange

         COIN RPO Exchange by the COIN RPO launched the Foundation, Ethernet-based Square wisdom contract to build, implement existing advantages under the exchange between the form of multi-mode systems complement each other, in order to create an autonomous, secure, compliant chain block number words asset trading platform, provide users with the perfect trading experience, allowing institutional investors and individual investors can be assured 9 to carry out any transaction in any frequency scale, without having to worry about the fairness and security, trading platform user data privacy , The transparency of platform rules , the stability and reliability of the trading system. COIN RPO to build a global digital asset transactions the user the most convenient transaction management, trade, investment and wealth management are, and proposed ” user, the shareholders, to participate in TB mine pool that is dividends, ” business philosophy, community-based forces, to the user the fundamental interests of the global community gradual transition to full self-government type of block chain digital asset intermediation ecology, and community to achieve the common area and the user total of a total cure. Exchange uses advanced micro-distributed cluster architecture and service development mode, at the beginning of a collection of on-line auction pinch together systems, security and risk control systems, C2C cash flow system, multi-chain wallet system, marketing system and the block chain game, Work orders and customer service systems, etc. In the future, OTC over-the-counter trading systems, futures contract systems, and multiple trading systems will also be launched. In addition, COIN RPO Exchange-backed securities class advanced algorithms to support a variety of professional orders for institutional investors to provide professional support to quantify individual investors and financiers, capable of handling up to 500 million transactions / transaction concurrency second, on-line measured velocity at the beginning of the match Up to 130,000 pens / sec. The exchange also has more than 100 security and risk control measures, through strict standards, multiple risk control system services, to achieve efficiency and security beyond the financial level.

     COIN RPO is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 2017, COIN RPO is the largest cryptocurrency financial derivatives exchange in Euro trading volume and supports multi-national fiat currency transactions. COIN RPO has been rated as the best and safest financial derivatives exchange by independent news media. It is the first exchange to display transaction prices and volume on Bloomberg terminals, the first to pass the cryptographic verification of foreign exchange reserves audit, and the partner of the first cryptocurrency bank. In February 2020, it received an angel round of financing of 8 million US dollars. The main investor is Founders Fund venture capital company. At present, COIN RPO has been among the most active digital currency exchange array in the United States. According to the current data of Bitcoin Charts, the daily trading volume of the COIN RPO platform is 89,000 BTC , which surpasses competitors MDEX and LSEX .

Advantages: reasonable transaction fees, lower withdrawal fees, and high degree of globalization

Exchange Service System

        COIN RPO Exchange, the use of advanced micro-distributed cluster architecture and service development approach, with a strong scalable nature, can support up to one hundred million users online at the same time stable and smooth transaction. The Stock Exchange of independent research and development of dealmaking lead engine, the use of distributed architecture, so that each transaction can be deployed on different servers’ match, and therefore can achieve linear scalability of capacity, the highest able to handle 500 million transactions / sec transaction Concurrency. The exchange’s matching engine is used to support the trading of currency trading pairs and legal currency trading pairs. Futures contract transactions that will be launched in the future will also be based on the matching engine for auction matching, including delivery contracts and perpetual contracts.

  • Safety and risk control system

        The COIN RPO exchange has self-developed more than 30 safety and risk control measures. At the same time with the team and other top international technical co for a total more than 100 safety and risk control measures entries by strict standards, multiple risk control system services, face to provide professional, safe, stable digital asset transactions worldwide. In the future, the exchange will continue to upgrade its security and introduce more security and risk control measures. Exchange System uses a distributed architecture, a three-tier security protection system, Web front- WAF, library fire wall, the whole process of storing data encryption to protect system security, 7x24h intelligence surveillance and situational awareness, real-time vulnerability scan description, asset abnormal alarm And smart bans, provide emergency response and risk assessment at all times. Take hot and cold wallet isolation and multi-signature protection to fully protect the financial security of users ; data transmission using SSL plus secret to protect the security of data transmission ; account system to take password verification, email verification, SMS verification, Google verification and other heavy verification, in order to protect the use of The security of user information and assets ; at the same time, the system also supports anti-brute force cracking and database collision, anti- brush activity , and provides crawler risk management and URL protection.

       COIN RPO exchange offer C2C ( the Customer to the Customer ) cash flow system to solve legal tender deposit to ask questions, to support the dollar, euro, British pound, Japanese yen, Korean won, Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, ringgit and other legal tender recharge channel. The C2C cash flow system gives COIN RPO exchange a clear advantage and competitiveness in transforming new users around the world.

  • Multi-chain wallet system

      At the currency level, the wallet system of the COIN RPO exchange is a multi-chain wallet system. In addition to supporting conventional currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20, it will also support other main chain currencies. This allows COIN RPO trading capabilities to support the storage and trading of all currencies in the world. At the morphological level, the wallet system of the COIN RPO exchange adopts cold and hot wallet isolation. When digital assets reach the 11 marginal line of risk control, they will be automatically collected into cold wallets for offline storage. The practice of isolating hot and cold wallets can not only ensure the deposit and withdrawal and circulation needs of the COIN RPO exchange, but also ensure the safety of most digital assets. Digital Asset Store wallet than in cold cases, can be adjusted at any time based on business needs. The wallet system of the COIN RPO exchange has the functions of query, storage, transfer, transaction, etc., and adopts multi-signature protection in the payment link of digital assets. If the public key of a digital asset is generated by a multi-signature method, even if one of the private keys is stolen, the thief cannot transfer the corresponding digital asset. This allows the COIN RPO exchange to generate natural trust in the security of funds.

The COIN RPO exchange provides fast-responding work orders and customer service systems to users around the world, which can promptly address market needs and answer user questions. Based on the current market background of uneven policies and continuous market fluctuations, the COIN RPO exchange will also launch psychological massage services, provided by the customer service of the COIN RPO operation center, aiming to provide global digital currency trading users with stress relief, emotional massage, psychological consultation and other services. Continuously improving service quality and standards is the unremitting pursuit of COIN RPO Exchange. In the future, COIN RPO exchange will also launch more intimate services.

Multi-system support

  • Transaction currency support

       The deposit and withdrawal of the COIN RPO exchange supports legal currency and digital assets. The deposit and withdrawal of legal currency is solved through the C2C gold flow system. The transaction pair supports the legal currency transaction pair and the currency transaction pair. At the same time, the radar-based spark resonance mode is turned on. In terms of transaction varieties, the exchange mainly focuses on mainstream digital currencies and high-quality digital assets, and supports dozens of mainstream digital currencies; digital assets need to go through 12 processes including strict due diligence, project rating, smart contract audit, and risk assessment to confirm Only high-quality digital assets can be opened for trading on the exchange.

      COIN RPO exchange brokered deal self-developed engine, advanced distributed cluster architecture and micro-service developer type, so that each transaction can be deployed on different servers’ match, it is possible to achieve linear scalability of capacity, the highest Able to handle concurrent transactions of 5 million transactions per second. It backed securities class advanced algorithms to provide professional support to quantify institutional investors and individual investors; match efficiency rate is one hundred thousand TPS level, matching the highest actual speed has reached 13 million transactions / sec, smooth transaction, and no Caton delay.

  • Security and stability support

       Exchange uses an advanced multi-layer, multi-cluster system architecture, the development of the multilayer structure and micro-services significantly improve the performance, security, stability and scalability of the system; function deployment, version updates without having to shut down for the maximum limit of guarantee the operating experience of the end user. In addition to the above-mentioned technical security and stability support, at the operational level, the exchange has several financial product experts and technical security experts, and is equipped with an international-level risk control team to provide due diligence, project rating, smart contract audit, and audit of digital assets. Services such as risk assessment provide multi-dimensional security and risk control guarantees.

     The exchange gives full play to the team’s advantages in technology, operation, and resources, and makes multi-dimensional efforts to provide sufficient liquidity for the platform and bring users a good trading experience. The main measures are as follows:

       Exchange has rich resources in the industry and numerous partners worldwide actively with outstanding mine field, investment funds, quantify team, trading large linkage and cooperation, provide liquidity support.

       Exchange through ” resonance, i.e. users shareholder, holding cash dividend that is ” business model, to achieve commercial fission, with and a variety of games and other means to block chain, improve the user platform of volume, activity, improve fundamentally The liquidity of the platform.

       Exchange through the cloud strategy, on the one hand in the development of self-site compliance market, on the other hand the global scope have the resources within Wai, flow, capital advantage of a team set up to provide technical support cloud Stock Exchange, this multi-center of trading the alliance mode enables the depth of trading share, pending between different countries, different sites can be traded, able to include COIN RPO to provide sufficient liquidity to support the various sites, including the exchange.

       Foreign exchange not only provides API ( the Application Programming Interface , application programming interfaces) for quantification program, wallets, DApps other third-party calls, but also deal with other technical means of the transaction were common depth to provide more liquidity sex.

       The transaction currently supports English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages, and will support language versions including Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc. In the future, the exchange will support common languages ​​in more than 100 countries and regions to clear language barriers for building a world-class blockchain digital asset trading platform.

     The exchange has a PC terminal, as well as IOS and Android versions of the APP. It also supports multi-terminal browsing such as Mac and Windows. The H5 mobile terminal version will also support mobile web access and use soon. In addition, the exchange also opens various forms of API interfaces for third parties such as quantitative programs, wallets, and DApps.

       The online version of the exchange supports spot trading, C2C legal currency trading, delivery contracts and other derivative transactions. When the platform’s liquidity reaches a certain level, the exchange will introduce an anonymous trading function like ShapeShift and provide sufficient liquidity.

Basic functions of the exchange

1. Asset registration Asset registration is one of the basic functions of the COIN RPO exchange. The asset registration process is usually completed by a gateway or a gateway agent. All the assets registered by the gateway, or the assets registered by the agent need to be trusted by the asset owner, and only trusted parties can trade the same asset. Type of currency assets is mainly used for gateways and other digital currency, digital asset platform for docking, such as gateways can to register BTC asset code, anyone with BTC account can trust the gateway, the BTC assets recharge to the gateway account. There is no limit to currency types of assets. As many actual currency assets as the gateway has, as many asset symbols can be registered. 2. Blockchain wallet system to facilitate ordinary users to use the wallet conveniently, the COIN RPO exchange wallet adopts the SPV method, that is, the wallet is accessed through the Web. The wallet uses the SSL protocol and supports Symantec CA certificates. Meanwhile, the purse money supports cold packs and hot wallet. 1. The cold wallet is suitable for wallets with large amounts of funds. The public and private key pairs of the wallet are generated offline. Users can generate any key pair they like. After the key is selected, a public key starting with G can be provided to accept large amounts of funds. And keep the private key information starting with S in your own custody. 2. Hot wallet Hot wallet is suitable for small fast transaction scenarios. The hot wallet key adopts custodial method. When the user registers the wallet account, the private key generated by the user’s payment password will be encrypted locally on the user’s computer through 3DES and encrypted The result is hosted in the wallet cloud through the SSL protocol. That is hot on the web wallet key transport and storage of information is the use of cloud data are encrypted, in addition to the purse user, no one can get to the private key of the original content. When the user needs time to sign the transaction, acquired from the wallet server hosted private cloud, paid by the user to enter a password for the content decrypted in the user’s local computer, after the decryption is successful, the program will be signed wallets local private transaction Information and submit it to the global smart trading center network for trading. The COIN RPO exchange wallet contains two types of assets: native assets and registered assets, which are similar in nature to the renminbi and various cards in the wallet in real life. The original assets can be used without any trust, and the assets registered in the gateway must trust the corresponding assets to exchange value. 3. Digital currency matching transactions. When users purchase COIN RPO or any other currency on the platform, the platform will automatically match the purchase currency to the exchange with the lowest current price for purchase. When selling, the platform matches the world’s highest price exchange to sell. And all of this is done based on the COIN RPO exchange agreement and COIN RPO tokens. 16 dealmakers services, the use of distributed load and storage infrastructure, to avoid malfunction caused because the server service stops; every second can support hundreds of thousands of matching requests, service support scale, with the rapid expansion of business growth ; service calls using HTTPs protocol , And add authentication, anti-tampering and other mechanisms to improve security.

Mining pool system

       COIN RPO mineral pool aims to build a comprehensive ecological, relying on COIN RPO strong technical force and operator support, COIN RPO mineral pool support PoW (workload proof) and PoS (proof of interest) mechanisms mining services. At the same time, through over-use of the many advantages of trading platform, COIN RPO mine pool to provide more comprehensive and low cost for the mining community services to increase the chances of miners get more profit. COIN RPO ore miners and the pool COIN RPO series of gold financial products connected, including contracts, spot trading, lending, and service ” position rebates ” and many other financial products.

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