DENGMeng, Digital Wisdom Musician: Boundless Light Comes From Solid Precipitation

Flute art is a minority musical art form among the mainstream musical art forms of piano, guitar and other instruments. Compared with those made of metal, wooden flute is more common, so its timbre is purer, softer and more transparent. Its soft and sad melody slowly tells the yearning for home. On the artistic resume of his life, the digital intelligent musician DENG Meng has included flute art in his career and dream list. Chance, talent, enthusiasm and hard work can be said to be the key words on the road of DENG Meng’s music art. And now, DENG Meng has converted his childhood hobby into a career. He works as an associate professor of flute in the Orchestra department of the Central Conservatory of Music, which represents the highest level of professional music education in China, teaching his music knowledge and insights which he has deeply cultivated from childhood to now. He is always on the road to music radiate brilliance.

Little Things Add Up

“My parents sent me to the flute department of the Central Music Affiliated High School after I graduated from primary school, after discovering that I had a special talent for music. My parents were very supportive of my choice, even though they didn’t know much about the industry. And I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without their support and company.” DENG Meng thought of his parents’ unconditional support since childhood, and his eyes showed endless tenderness and touching. After studying in the Contrel Conservatory of Music Middle School, DENG Meng was successfully admitted to the highest institution of music art education in China — the Central Conservatory of Music, to further his study of flute music. During his study in the Central Conservatory of Music, he actively sought instrumental music and vocal music skills from instrumental music teachers with different specialties. He understood that the performance of music is also inseparable from singing, and singing makes the music full and full. Therefore, in addition to furthering his flute music career, he also learned many different vocal skills and combined them into his flute music to create beautiful music works. After graduating from the Central Conservatory of Music, DENG Meng did not stop there. In order to enjoy the music culture of different countries and to further his own education, he successively studied at the famous music school in Germany “Hochschule fur Musik und Darst. Kunst Frankfurt am Main” “Staatliche hochschule fuer Musik und Darst.” for master’s and doctor’s degrees respectively, which lay a solid foundation for the future flute art career.

Be Good At Giving Advice

During his undergraduate, master and doctoral studies, DENG Meng never missed any opportunity to perform flute music, ranging from small school concerts to national music performance competitions, such as “Golden Bell Award Jury”, “National Woodwind Competition” and so on. He was also entered into the Flute Professional Group of Dixit International Music Competition in Vienna, Austria, and became a professional flute player. DENG Meng said that the selection exam for the flute Professional group of the Flute Professional Group of Dixit International Music Competition in Vienna, Austria was very strict. He also practiced his flute skills every night in order to successfully pass the exam and enter the flute professional group. Although his flute playing has reached the point where he has lifelong muscle memory, he still practiced with an open mind and finally was selected to continue to perform the flute art. This insistence, is the love of music, love of devotion.

It Accumulates Like Gold

After successfully obtaining master’s and doctor’s degrees in professional flute performance in Germany, DENG Meng chose to return to China to develop his lifelong hobby and career. With such a high degree, under many choices, DENG Meng still chose to return to his Alma mater — Central Conservatory of Music, as an associate professor of flute in the orchestra department. In the education of music art, DENG Meng also combined with modern advanced technology to create many excellent music art and technology achievements, For example, “Orchestral Accompaniment Extraction and Separation System Based on Artificial Intelligence”, “Orchestral Composition and Data Storage System Based on AI Intelligent Cloud Platform”, “Orchestral Timbre Recognition System Based on Machine Vision”, “Cloud-Based Orchestral Arrangement Data Archiving System”, etc. Thanks to today’s digital technology, DENG Meng’s music road becomes broader and more wonderful, cuts off the title of “digital wisdom musician” for him. These gold-like condensation and accumulation have brought more solid harvest for DENG Meng’s flute artistic performance.

From the campus to the society, from childhood to now, the flute has always been accompanied in the life of DENG Meng as his precious dream, in his continuous accumulation in the bloom of artistic light. Author: LI Wen

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