The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset is fast approaching and will wipe clean most of the biggest activities available to fans on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This will be the ninth reset since the Forsaken expansion went live and means Guardians have less than a day to go to finish off their latest Raids and events.

The new Weekly Reset will also see the return of the Iron Banner event on PS4, Xbox and PC.

Bungie will be resetting Destiny 2 on Tuesday, November 13 at around 6pm in the UK.

For players in the United States, it means a much earlier reset time of 10am PST and 1pm EST.

Lord Saladin returns for the final Iron Banner of Season 4, meaning there will be item disappearing from the official rewards lineup.

While Iron Banner weapons introduced with the release of Forsaken will continue to be available, this will be your final chance to earn Season 4 Iron Banner armour.

Additionally, this will be the final chance to earn any Iron Banner Triumphs associated with Season 4.

Bungie is also planning the release of a new season 5 update, which has yet to be given an official release date.

“You should see significant improvements loading into activities and travelling throughout a destination,” a message from Bungie confirms.

“We’ve been bringing new content, bug fixes, and patches at a cadence more frequent than we had previously accounted for.

“That cadence of patching has translated into some unexpected overhead within the code that is responsible for loading data into the game.

“All that being said, loading from Orbit into the EDZ should be reduced from over two minutes down to just over one minute and we’re eager to see how things pan out in the wild.”


As usual, the weekly reset will affect various activities in the game, such as:

Progress and rewards connected to Destination Flashpoints, Raid Challenges, Raid Checkpoints, Nightfall Strike, Weekly Clan Engrams, Weekly Clan XP Caps, Eververse Bright Dust and Prismatic Matrix Selections.

There will also be hard resets made to the Spider’s Wanted Bounty line-up, and Xur will disappear again until Friday.

So as a recap, the official Destiny 2 weekly reset affects Nightfall Strikes and the ongoing Raid, and also acts as the countdown to complete these tasks.

If you complete them before the reset, you will have to wait until the following Tuesday to start them again and collect new rewards.

This is also when a lot of the game’s milestones get refreshed, which means weekly challenges, destination Flashpoints, call to arms, clan XP and clan XP rewards.