The Destiny 2 Xur location will be revealed in the coming hours, with a range of new exotics promised to PlayStation, Xbox and PC Guardians.

Gamers will have to wait a little longer to find out the full list of items, with no way of predicting the list beforehand.

The Destiny 2 Xur location for April 23 until April 27 will be revealed at 6pm BST, and it won’t take long for Guardians to start hunting the Agent of the Nine down.

Xur will be sticking around until Tuesday, when the Weekly Reset is completed and all rituals are wiped.

Last week, Xur was easy to find, hanging out in The Tower behind Dead Orbit, offering up the likes of The Jade Rabbit, Ashen Wake, Lucky Raspberry and Starfire Protocol.

For anyone who has forgotten, Legendary Shards used by Xur items are remnants of powerful items that are used to improve gear or trade for other items.

It should also be noted that Xur will be dropping items that are similar in power level to your character.

And another part of Xur that is new to the latest version of Destiny 2 is that he now drops Cipher Quests for free.

The Quest will reward you with an exotic Cipher, and last weeks included completing 21 Strikes, or winning the same number of Crucible or Gambit matches.

Every week, Guardians can acquire one Exotic Engram using Legendary Shards that will decrypt as Exotics that aren’t already in your collection.

There should be around six items included in Xur’s store, although some of them might not be available to buy.

Xur is expected back in the game around the same time the Trials of Osiris returns on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Trials is a Crucible event that rewards fireteams that can string together wins, with at least one Adept weapon included.

Adept weapons are usually only made available for those who can score Flawless run, with Bungie explaining:

“Saint-14 is the Trials of Osiris vendor, residing full time in the Tower Hangar with his pigeons and ship.

“When the Trials of Osiris playlist becomes active each week from Friday to Tuesday, Saint’s inventory will update with Trials Passages, Bounties, and the option to turn in Trials Tokens.

“There are five unique Passages that can be bought from Saint-14 which offer their own mechanics.

“Each Passage will track wins and losses in a single Trials run. If three losses appear on a Passage, players will be restricted from the activity and have to either reset the Passage or purchase a new one.”

Trials of Osiris and Xur will be disappearing from Destiny 2 on April 27, which is when the Guardian Games event will be handing out its first big results.

You will receive a medal case from Eva to store your hardware until you are ready to visit the podium in the Tower to bank them for your team.

“Once you have the maximum medals for a certain type in your case, make sure you go turn them as any more earned for that type will be lost. Turning in medals will give you a chance at receiving an event package depending on the medal type.