EE scam warning: New email is so convincing it’s hard not to be duped

Posting a message on Twitter, one worried user said, “Hi @EE is this legit? My payment is supposed to come out around the end of the month. Have logged into myEE and not seen any errors there.”

EE has plenty of advice for customers concerned about scams with the network stating that “if you receive a suspicious text message trust your instincts. If something looks fishy, it probably is.”

The network also says that it will never ask for banking PIN or passwords via texts or send threatening or urgent messages telling you to “act now”.

“Fraudsters might use scam or phishing emails to trick you into giving out personal information,” EE says in its official scam avoidance advice. “If the email asks for your bank details or username and passwords, it’s probably fake.

“Don’t click on any links or attachments unless you’re sure it’s genuine and look out for poor spelling and grammar.”

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