Black Friday is a great time to upgrade your current SIM-only plan. If you’re happy with the smartphone you already own, but would like to drop the price of your monthly plan – or even better, increase the number of gigabytes of monthly mobile data, or perks when travelling abroad, and the like – there are some stunning deals around at the moment. In celebration of Black Friday, carriers EE, Vodafone, Three, O2 and more have slashed their prices.

We’ve been wading through the deals and discounts to find out what the best SIM-only options really are. The Black Friday 2019 deals have some brilliant options for those who are looking for the most data possible, those who want the lowest possible price and those who want some travel perks, or to make the jump to 5G.

Black Friday started in the United States. It’s believed to get its name as retailers offer unheard-of discounts and deals in a last-ditch to get their books “back in the black” before the final quarterly earnings call of the year. The phenomenon has expanded to become a worldwide sales event in the weeks before Christmas where bargain hunters can save some serious dosh on gifts for loved ones.

It’s not just mobile networks getting in on the action, with high street stores and online retailers also dropping prices across the board.

Here are all the Black Friday deals YOU need to know about~

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EE Black Friday Deals: Best SIM-Only Discount

EE has cranked-up the amount of mobile data available with its pay monthly SIM-only deal. It’s now offering 60GB for £25 a month. That’s more than enough to stream all of your playlists, new albums, and some Netflix on the way to work in the morning. If you’ve got family members on EE, you’ll be able to share any excess 4G data you have leftover at the end of the month, if they haven’t signed up to such a generous bundle. And because you’re on EE, you’ll get access to the fastest 4G speeds available right now, as well as unlimited text messages and calls.

This SIM-only also comes with a Swappable Benefit. Customers can pick and choose between six possible perks from EE, including a Music Data Pass that means any streaming on Apple Music, Spotify or TIDAL won’t count towards your 60GB mobile data allowance; Video Data Pass, which leads you watch Netflix, YouTube, and more without eating into your data; Free BT Sport subscription for your smartphone; Free Amazon Prime Video; the Roam Further perk, which lets you take your calls, texts and data allowance to the USA, Australia and a bevy of other destinations; and finally Gamers Data Pass that lets you play titles like Pokémon Go and FIFA on your 4G connection without using any of your monthly allowance. You can switch between these in a heartbeat from the EE app, helpful if you’d like to take your data abroad with you, or plan on watching more Netflix during your commute one month.

EE SIM-Only | 60GB of 4G data | Unlimited texts + minutes | 18-month contract
£25 a month • GET THE DEAL HERE

Three Black Friday Deals: Best SIM-Only Discount

If you’re looking for raw, unfettered mobile data, then look no further than Three. The mobile network comfortably won Black Friday last year with its unlimited everything deal… and it’s back again this year. Except that Three has dropped the price again!

The carrier is currently offering a 12-month pay monthly SIM-Only deal with unlimited texts, unlimited calls, and unlimited mobile data for £18 a month. Whether you want to stream endless box sets on Netflix on long journeys, stream new albums every day at your desk, or tether your smartphone to your laptop for some remote working – without having to hand over your email address, phone numbers and first-born child to get access to the coffee shop free Wi-Fi network. Three lets you do all of this without any limits. Unlike some networks, it won’t even throttle your speeds if you’re chugging through mobile data at a record-breaking speed. If you’re looking for plenty of 4G – or 5G – don’t miss this deal.

Three SIM-Only | Unlimited 4G or 5G mobile data | Unlimited texts + minutes | 12-month contract
£18 a month • GET THE DEAL HERE

And if you’re looking for the same unlimited mobile data for even cheaper, Three is offering the same bundle for £10 a month for the first six months. After that, the SIM-only deal will revert to its usual £20 a month price tag. Unlike the deal above, it’s a 24-month contract too. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a phenomenal deal – it’s just something to be aware of.

Three SIM-Only | Unlimited 4G or 5G mobile data | Unlimited texts + minutes | 24-month contract
£10 a month • GET THE DEAL HERE

Vodafone Black Friday Deals: Best SIM-Only Discount

If you’re looking to save some money each month, Vodafone is your best bet. As part of its Black Friday 2019 deals, the company is offering a pretty generous 1.5GB of mobile data – easily enough if you’re only planning to do a little bit of browsing online, Google Maps, and some WhatsApp texts – for a ridiculously low £6 a month. That’s a brilliant price and puts it in direct competition with the likes of GiffGaff and VOXI and some of the newest mobile networks in the UK.

Vodafone SIM-Only | 1.5GB mobile data | Unlimited texts + minutes | 12-month contract
£6 a month • GET THE DEAL HERE

O2 Black Friday Deals: Best SIM-Only Discount

When it comes to O2’s Black Friday deals, the firm is putting itself in direct competition with the likes of Three and EE by offering up a colossal haul of 4G mobile each month. The UK carrier is dishing-out an impressive 100GB of data with its new £20 a month plan. While that’s not quite the same as the no-limits use-as-much-as-you-need promise from Three, it’s enough that it will probably feel unlimited each month anyway. At 18-months, the contract is the same length as EE, although you won’t quite the latter’s unmatched 4G speeds.

But the O2 deal is still hugely competitive when it comes to perks. The SIM-only deal comes with roaming in 75 other countries around the world at no extra cost, including the United States – so you won’t have to worry about killing your mobile data setting as soon as your plane touches down for fear of racking up an eye-watering bill behind your back when on holiday. Not only that, but you’ll also get access to the hundreds of free O2 WiFi network points around the UK – just in case you do somehow manage to burn through 100GB of data each month.

O2 SIM-Only | 100GB mobile data | Unlimited texts + minutes | 18-month contract
£20 a month • GET THE DEAL HERE

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