Ethereum layer2-based DAO tokens will debut globally

Since Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin gave a speech on the road to a Layer2-centric Ethereum on October 26, 2021, more blockchain applications of Layer2 have mushroomed, and Layer2 has become the brightest star in DEFI and blockchain applications!

Three Dimensional protocol (TD-L2DEX system for short) is led by FBG, a famous investment institution in the circle, and developed by ETH and EOS wallet technology team in the early stage. It aims to create a decentralized system platform for users, namely shareholders, and aims to make every user who can participate in the platform construction get rich profits, so as to drive the flow of the whole system. Promote the ecological operation of the system and empower the global digital economy!

Td-l2dex system is built on Ethereum Layer2 and is based on the decentralized system of Automated Market Maker (AMM). With the development of ZK Rollup technology, Uniswap functionality is realized, providing unlimited expansion and high throughput transaction infrastructure. Users can complete transactions and transfers without GAS charges. On the basis of Uniswap functionality, BSC Binance smart chain and TRON wave field chain are also implemented. Enhanced user experience in ETH network! Td-l2dex system has the advantages of asset security, data transparency, zero GAS, large transaction throughput, large space for expansion, cross-chain BSC and TRON, etc., which are highly recognized by users. In the past 6 months of operation, the current platform flow has exceeded 33,000, and the total transaction commission has exceeded 4.5 million US dollars, all of which have been returned to all ecological builders. Next, we will jointly witness Three Dimensional become the future trading form, and TD-L2DEX will certainly bring great changes to the existing DEX and CEX.

After several months of technical testing and upgrading, the TD-L2DEX system has been able to accommodate more traffic and process more data safely and efficiently. In order to make the system more decentralized community autonomy (DAO), TD-L2DEX system community autonomy token TD DAO was launched.

TD DAO community autonomy token

Total issuance amount: 10,000 token

LP: 10000USDT:10000TD DAO Adds and destroys tokens simultaneously

Unified time exchange, zero reservation, zero private placement!

The value and ecological application of TD DAO

1. The only pledge TOKEN of Shanghai currency, TD-L2 DEX, must pledge a certain number of TD DAO to the platform, submit work order, and go online after approval.

2. As the only node voting TOKEN, WHEN the platform has a choice or directional development, more than 50% OF TD DAOs have the choice.

3, can be used to pledge mining.

TD DAO transaction fee: 6% per transaction (1% deflationary add mobile pool, 5% community build back)

Td-l2dex System link:

Launch date: February 19, 2022 12:00(UTC+0)

If you have any questions, you can submit the work order, TD-L2DEX system will deal with it for you in time!

Three Dimensional Team

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