Everyone But Apple Seems To Be Affected By The Global Chip Shortage

As many of you have heard by now, the world is facing a chip shortage. This is in part due to the pandemic that hit last year that forced many countries to halt all activities, shut down factories, and suspend production while they attempt to fight the virus. As a result, this has created a backlog of orders that companies are now trying to catch up on.

However, it seems that while many other companies are struggling to get their hands on chips, if there is one company that is seemingly unaffected, it would be Apple. This is according to a report from Wave7 Research who claims that Apple is the least affected company when it comes to chip shortages.

Speaking to PCMag, Jeff Moore, principal at Wave7 said that the reason why is because apparently Apple managed to lock down their own supply ahead of time. “Sources have told Wave7 Research that Apple was able to lock down chipset supply well ahead of time. This was not the case for other OEMs.”

It is unclear if Apple knew this was coming or if this was something that they had always done, and it is now working in their favor. That being said, last month Apple’s CEO Tim Cook did warn investors that the global chip shortage could affect their ability to sell their products, but it is unclear how big of an effect this could be.

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