Explore the “Deep Water Area” of Financial Technology and Leverage the New Pattern of the Financial Industry

With the rapid development of the financial technology industry, digital elements have been fully integrated into the financial service process, and a new pattern of the financial industry characterized by digitalization and intelligence has gradually formed. In the face of the continuous evolution of the financial technology ecosystem, how will major financial institutions seize the opportunities for industry development, explore innovative models of smart finance, and lead the new development of digital finance?

In response to this series of questions, GUO Xiaojun, a well-known financial technology research and development expert, gave a clear answer in the interview. He believes that “In the future, financial technology will realize from point to face, from focusing on technology application to comprehensive and coordinated development covering multiple fields such as operation management, business innovation, and technology application. In this process, financial institutions should take technology and data as the key production factors, take open ecology as an important production method, use system and mechanism reform as endogenous development momentum, optimize digital layout, accelerate the digital reconstruction of traditional financial models and strive to build a digital ecological enterprise that meets the requirements of future high-quality development.”

As a top scientific research talent in the field of smart finance, GUO Xiaojun has a deep understanding and insight into the development of the financial industry and the development trend of digital financial technology. In his view, financial technology innovation is the core driving force for the reform and development of the financial industry in the future. Therefore, he actively devotes himself to the basic and forward-looking research in the field of smart financial technology, and designs and develops a series of original scientific and technological achievements based on the shortcomings of the industry and market development needs. It not only solves many industry problems such as large investment, low efficiency, high risk, and difficulty in acquiring customers that have long existed in the financial investment field, but also builds a new smart financial service system that integrates market analysis, market forecasting, and intelligent venture capital, in order to explore new scenarios of inclusive finance, reconstruct new forms of smart finance, and bring more possibilities for the development of the financial industry in the future.

Having been deeply involved in the field of financial investment for many years, GUO Xiaojun is well aware that “Data is the basic and strategic resource for the digital transformation of finance.” The financial industry is a data-intensive industry, and the data and information generated by the digital operation of financial business are important assets of financial institutions. But for now, the flow of financial data between different businesses and institutions still faces many potential risks of information leakage. Ensuring the security of financial data and promoting the comprehensive application of financial data are still the key directions of smart financial technology innovation. GUO Xiaojun attaches great importance to data work. He combines cutting-edge information technology with financial service systems, and innovatively develops the “IM Cloud Platform Based on Hybrid Expert System V1.0”, which effectively solves the security problem of financial data with strong security and confidentiality. It fully unleashes the potential of data and ignites the “data engine” of financial digital transformation.

The system builds an end-to-end data center monitoring and operation visualization platform through the NNM computing service, which achieves a breakthrough in the visual management of investment projects. Under the premise of effectively ensuring the security of data transmission and internal communication, it realizes the sharing and comprehensive utilization of data, creating possibilities for releasing data potential and realizing data assetization. In addition, the system effectively combines the traditional expert system with various neural network sub-modules (NNM), and uses the thinking tools of different disciplines to form a comprehensive intelligent static knowledge base. And, the system can quickly complete the communication between the expert system and NNM, fully tap the value of data, assist financial investment decision-making, provide data support for improving the accuracy and scientificity of investment decision-making, and play a positive role in promoting the development of the smart financial industry.

“IM Cloud Platform Based on Hybrid Expert System V1.0” has aroused strong repercussions in the first year of being put into the market. According to financial enterprise users, the system can not only maximize the value of data, but also provide enterprises with personalized and customized financial investment solutions, helping enterprises to improve the accuracy of investment decision-making and the rate of return on investment. At the same time, it can also realize data fusion between different institutions, activate the technological innovation capabilities of enterprises, and generate new application scenarios based on market demand, providing important assistance for promoting the upgrading of the financial industry and creating an efficient and warm financial service experience.

In fact, in addition to the “IM Cloud Platform Based on Hybrid Expert System V1.0”, GUO Xiaojun’s research and development and implementation of many scientific and technological achievements have played an important role in promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of financial institutions with excellent application performance and market value. The innovative development of the industry has injected a steady stream of scientific and technological power. Talking about future planning, GUO Xiaojun said that he will continue to explore the “deep water area” of financial technology, anchor the main direction of smart finance, devote himself to the research and breakthrough of key technologies, and add momentum to the leap-forward development of the financial industry.    

(Author: LI Bo)

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