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F1 2023 review

F1 2023 review (Image: EA)

Featuring superb graphics, excellent handling, lots of courses, and an entertaining story mode to top it off, F1 2023 is one of the most extensive racing sims ever made

What we love

  • Excellent visuals
  • Extensive handling and difficulty options
  • Entertaining story mode
  • New Las Vegas race track
  • Improved throttle controls

What we don’t

  • Loot boxes
  • Atmosphere sometimes feels flat compared to presentation on TV
  • Some single-player content hidden away in F1 World

While Codemasters can usually be relied upon to deliver the very best experiences on the virtual race track, last year’s official Formula One release was more pits than podium. Fortunately, to borrow an old sporting cliche, F1 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC proves that while form is temporary, class is permanent. F1 2023 is one of the slickest, smoothest and most complete racing simulations ever made, providing something for rookies and enthusiasts alike.

F1 2023 PS5 and Xbox review

F1 2023 PS5 and Xbox review (Image: EA)

Even though it’s a bit cheesy and some of the characters are pretty annoying (although that’s kind of the point, I suppose), it’s nice to see the Braking Point story mode make a return in F1 2023. 

The soap opera storyline is surprisingly entertaining, adding some much needed flavour to what can otherwise be a rather clinical experience.

The story revolves around the brand new Konnersport racing team, and the rivalry between Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler. In an attempt to give the narrative a bit more cohesion, Braking Point drops players into the thick of the action, with rivalries and in-team fighting playing out during the course of a few laps.

In addition to racing hard, players will need to make important decisions that can affect the team, while also navigating social media, and dealing with the press. It’s all part of a day’s work.

The bite-sized nature of the races and season, plus the ability to tweak the controls to match your experience level, makes the story mode an ideal starting point for players jumping in to F1 2023.

F1 2023 PS5 and Xbox review

F1 2023 PS5 and Xbox review (Image: EA)

After speeding through 17 chapters of entertaining action in Braking Point, F1 2023 provides fans with a ton of other ways to enjoy the game, including an expansive career mode, online multiplayer, Grand Prix races, Time Trials and lots more.

Some of the more traditional solo modes – like Grand Prix races and Time Trials – are hidden away in the new F1 World hub, which is also where you’ll find the digital storefront, loot boxes (via the Podium Pass/Battle Pass) and other superfluous content.

The aim of F1 World is to increase your Tech Level and earn upgrades in order to improve the performance of your custom F1 race car. You’ll do this by completing races and challenges, which are more bite-sized in nature.

It almost feels a like a career mode for people who don’t have much spare time. Once you figure out what all the different currencies are for and what all the upgrades do, it’s a fun mode to dip in and out of, especially if you just want a quick game. 

F1 2023 review

F1 2023 review (Image: EA)

Career Mode offers a much more in-depth and authentic F1 (and F2) experience, although even this can be customised to make it as beginner and time friendly as you please.

Ultimately, the ability to fully customise your in-game experience is what I like most about F1 2023.

Whether you want to race a full season complete with practice and qualifying events in F1, or pick and a shorter, simplified season with racing assists turned to max, F1 2023 gives you the ability to do so.

It’s also hard to talk about F1 2023 without mentioning the graphics, which outside of the robotic looking character models, are spectacular. 

Indeed, from the moment the racing begins, the stunning visuals transport you to the real-world circuits with an impressive level of accuracy.

The meticulously crafted car models, realistic lighting, vibrant colours and countless environmental details are a feast for the eyes, or at least they would be if not for the blisteringly fast gameplay that runs at a buttery smooth frame-rate.

The new Las Vegas circuit is particularly impressive, transporting players to the heart of the Las Vegas Strip at night – which is always a treat.

If you’re a hardcore Formula One fan, then the inclusion of the Las Vegas course is one of the game’s big selling points, and whether you love or hate the course design, this is your first chance to get a look at the track ahead of its debut in the upcoming season.

Truthfully, there’s not much to dislike about F1 2023, which exels in pretty much every area. While it’s getting better with each new release, the atmosphere sometimes feels a bit flat, failing to capture the buzz, excitement and authenticity of raceday.

The inevitable inclusion of loot boxes is also a tad disappointing, although the Battle Pass in general is fairly easy to ignore.

Featuring superb graphics, excellent handling, lots of courses, and an entertaining story mode to top it all off, F1 2023 is one of the most complete racing sims ever made.

Perfect for newbies and veterans alike, the exhilarating and endlessly entertaining F1 2023 leaves the competition well and truly in its dust.


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