Facebook services in the UK are temporarily down for some users trying to access core services.

Reports have been coming in of a UK-based outage for the past hour and users have been confirming the issues online.

The latest news suggests that Facebook servers are down when it comes to using the social media platform on PC and Desktops.

But that the mobile version of Facebook is still working, albeit, at a slower pace.

One user writes: “I can still access it on my mobile but not on my PC, even though both going through the same router.

Another adds: “All out in the UK and Ireland. Phone, Desktop, laptop. Anyone got some WD40 to speed things up.”

It’s unclear what is causing today’s Facebook outage in the UK, or how long it might last.

The Facebook support page has yet to be updated and there’s a good chance that the current issues will be solved in the coming hours.