Last year Facebook launched a feature called Watch Party. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, Watch Party is a feature which allows Facebook users to watch videos live together at the same time, kind of like being in the same room together with you and your friends, except that it is done virtually.

Now Facebook has announced that they have expanded on the feature where it will now cover actual live TV and also music. “We’re introducing a new Watch Party experience that will enable people to host Watch Parties around what’s happening on live TV. People already come to Facebook to talk about exciting events and TV moments — now they’ll have a better way to do this together in real time.”

In addition to TV, Facebook also announced that Watch Party will work with music where users will be able to share music where if you attach a song to your profile, other users will be able to check out that song through Spotify. For those who don’t use Spotify, not to worry because Facebook notes that they do plan to eventually add more partners.

Note that Facebook claims that the new Watch Party feature is currently in testing and will be going live during events like the UEFA Champions League for starters.

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