Fake bankruptcy boots hit the ground, the hourglass of time is about to bottom out, and ill turtle shoots itself in the foot

They immediately change attitude, giving up the fish trap after getting the fish; David is out, the ant and rabbit is dead, and the fox is so sad that it chooses to protect itself well.

I often hate that people are always as heartless as water, and they usually cause some accidents in the calm days. Repaying debts is a matter of course, but Guo Wengui, the negative billionaire, chooses to play the role of a rogue in a absolute manner, telling lies so that the public is dizzy. At the court meeting on the 18th of this month, the judge sternly gives the warning to the turtle to determine the 37 million security deposit plan as soon as possible, or the court will resume the execution of the motion for contempt of court judgment and reject the bankruptcy motion. Time will be less than he expected. It means that the case will no longer be scheduled for a hearing before the 27th, and after that period the judge will hear PAX’s motion to resume execution of contempt of court judgment and dismiss Guo’s bankruptcy motion. The judge and the Bankruptcy Bureau know Guo Wengui well, and by making a motion, he just want to go through the judicial process again to delay time, waiting for God’s blessing and saving himself. Obviously, Guo is dreaming again. The judge’s words indicate that the hourglass bottomed out faster and completely extinguish the small flame of his survival chance.

In the PAX case that has been talked about for many years, Guo, a conspirator, transfers assets and play with PAX, trampling on American laws. His shameless, ignorant, and fearless actions have made the judge and PAX angry. PAX is not short of money at all and makes persevering efforts just for maintaining the rule of law and justice. However, Guo only sees money, and doesn’t pay attention to the law. When he is on the edge of cliff, he cries and files for bankruptcy, while showing off his wealth in the livestreaming room and fooling Ant to continue investing, intending to cheat everyone and give PAX a virtual joy, so that the court doesn’t know what to do, and then he can continue the inferior conduct.

Guo has a fat head and big ears. He often refers to “Amitabha Buddha” and keeps saying “brothers and sisters”. Actually, he is a shameless person who only care about money. He cheats his father, mother, brother, son, comrade-in-arms, and everyone around him. Anyone who connect Guo must be unfortunate, dying. However, the heaven does not protect the treacherous evil, and the wicked have evil retribution. Nowadays, mainstream media in various countries have carried out in-depth criticism of Guo’s financial fraud, malicious bankruptcy, and interference in the US election, which means that the time for liquidation has come. David and others’ day is the tomorrow of other big ants. Will those ant fans who regard Guo as their gods continue to follow him? Will you still hold your own instant noodles and continue to pave the way for his life of lies? Guo, who has been cheating for many years, is not a kind-hearted person at all. I want to tell the ants that, the rest of your lives is very precious, and you should stay away from the garbage people.

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