The pickled foods don’t have fancy visuals, but they are like strong defenders of our table. Especially when you don’t have an appetite, eating pickled vegetables can also help boost your appetite. Agricultural Corporation, Yewon in Gurye, is presenting four kinds of pickled foods with health and freshness.

Yewon, an agricultural corporation, started the restaurant Yewon Han Jungsik in Gurye, Jeollanamdo.  The company even developed products while selling four packages separately, which were frequently requested by customers visiting the restaurant. Han Ki-Nam, CEO of Yewon, runs a Korean restaurant with her family and continues to make and develop fermented foods at the Han Ki-Nam Institute of Local Fermentation Food.

The four types of pickled foods that Yewon presents are Maesil Jang-ajji, Deodeok skin Jang-ajji, Godeulbaggi, and gat-kimchi. All of the ingredients needed to make these four kinds of pickled foods are purchased and used directly in Gurye. They always use the water from Gurye Gorosoe sap to make the sauce. Also, each pickled food contains different enzymes.  Maesil enzymes are used in Maesil Jang-ajji, and deodeok enzymes are used in Deodeok skin Jang-ajji.

“To make fresh and reliable food, we are making food by purchasing ingredients directly from local farmers, even if the ingredients are more expensive than others,” said CEO Han Ki-Nam of Yewon. “At the Han Ki-Nam Institute of Local Fermentation Food, we continue to study by making paste sauce every day and making enzymes,” she said. “As fermented food is currently drawing attention worldwide, we will make efforts to contribute to the globalization and development of K-food.”

Meanwhile, Yewon, an agricultural corporation, participated in a project to produce promotional videos for the 2020 Jeonnam Youth Village Road project conducted by Jeonnam Bioindustry Foundation’s Eco-Friendly Agri-Bio Research Center and filmed a promotional video with gagman businessman Lee Seung-hwan.