FINTOCH partners with the mining and healthcare industries to create new opportunities in the cryptocurrency market

Last year, several cryptocurrency exchanges in the encryption market collapsed, causing market instability. However, a rising new financial platform, Fintoch, also emerged in 2022 and sparked a wave of the financial revolution. With its exclusive Hybrid technology, Fintoch quickly stabilizes user asset security and confidence, which leads to a record-breaking rise in investment amount and user numbers. On March 12, 2023, Fintoch held the Greater China Consensus Conference in Shenzhen.

FINTOCH partners with the mining and healthcare industries to create new opportunities in the cryptocurrency market

This large-scale event involved cooperation with well-known listed companies such as Hongding Millennium, Anhua Mining, and Yingke International. It was also the first time that Fintoch reached a high-level strategic consensus and cooperation with various innovative industries such as mining and healthcare. It is the most memorable moment in the encryption market.

Although Fintoch’s Chairman, William Thompson, was unable to attend the ceremony due to his participation in a large-scale conference with over 5,000 people in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he has recorded a video to express congratulation on the successful signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement with these Chinese listed companies. He stated that Chinese users have long been giving strong support to Fintoch and become the core segment in the Asian region. He also expressed his special gratitude to the Chinese market for the outstanding contributions to the ecological strategic cooperation meeting. William said that the reason why Fintoch continues to invest a large number of resources and manpower to develop the Chinese market is his belief in the strong potential and financial momentum of the Chinese market. He believes that over time, China will become a solid cornerstone of the cryptocurrency market.

The atmosphere on the scene was also very vibrant, with dazzling and exciting performances that made the audience applaud and cheer, which demonstrates the popularity of Fintoch in the Greater China region. In addition, there was also a roundtable forum session where entrepreneurs and guests discussed issues regarding the industry. The formative forum attracted the great attention of guests with their professional insights.

The emergence of Fintoch has not only injected confidence into the market but also brought more cooperation and business opportunities. The core team members also shared the continuous upgrading and innovative Hybrid technology 2.0 and future development strategies, which infused great confidence in the brand building of Fintoch’s future development.

This collaboration with major innovative companies has provided Fintoch more development opportunities and brought more options in the cryptocurrency market. Fintoch will continue to focus on research and development of cryptocurrency technology to provide better services to its users in the future.

With our ongoing  efforts and development, Fintoch and its partners have inspired each other,  attracted various  client bases, shared professional technologies, and developed higher quality and more competitive products and services. More importantly, this process  allows Fintoch to play an active role in our daily life. With its continuous improvement,  the Fintoch system is optimistically anticipated  to create greater  value and promote the rapid development of the market and society.

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