Lockbox is Mozilla’s way of offering you easy access to all the passwords you have stored in the Firefox browser, but on your mobile device without any extra setup being required.

Firefox Lockbox for Android

Passwords continue to be a battle between convenience and security. We need a different password for every login and each one needs to be as strong as possible meaning they are impossible to remember. Mozilla gave iOS users Firefox Lockbox last year to make password access easy, and now Android users are gaining access to the app, too.

Lockbox is, in Mozilla’s words, a way to “take you passwords everywhere.” It first launched for iOS in July last year and acts as an extension of your Firefox account. Once installed, the Lockbox app allows you to login to your existing Firefox account where all your passwords are stored. It’s then possible to import them on to your mobile device and gain access to those same websites and services while on-the-go.

The only setup involved is installing the app and logging into your Firefox account. Beyond that, it’s just a simple case of keeping all your devices, and therefore passwords, in sync.

The Android version is already available via the Google Play store. If you’re worried about security, Mozilla has implemented 256-bit encryption to keep your passwords safe, but as well as requiring a Firefox account login, you can also protect access to Lockbox by using a fingerprint or facial recognition depending on what your smartphone or tablet supports.

As Firefox Lockbox is free to use, only 41MB in size, and works with Android 7.0 onwards, it should prove popular with anyone who already relies on Firefox as their web browser of choice. I’m sure Mozilla is hoping it will also encourage more Android users to install the browser and give it a go.