Firefox is Mozilla’s internet browser that is used by 10 percent of desktop users, according to NetMarketShare.

The client is not as popular as Chrome, but still has an array of features that make it appealing.

Mozilla regularly updates Firefox, bringing fresh tools that improve the overall experience of using the browser.

In fact, the latest version of Firefox, 64, introduces a fix for a huge problem that even Google Chrome has not solved.

The latest iteration of the client brings new functions for “enhanced tab management”, meaning users that have a legion of pages open at once should be in for a treat.

In the release notes for version 64, Mozilla noted fans “can now select multiple tabs from the tab bar and close, move, bookmark, or pin them quickly and easily”.

The ability to manage multiple tabs at once is something that Google Chrome users have been wanting for some time.

Apart from opening separate windows for different groups of tabs, there is not a way to manage multiple tabs at once on the Mountain View firm’s browser.

And although it has been confirmed a scrollable tab wheel is in the works for Chrome, nothing has been officially released to users yet.

Last month Google developer Peter Kasting took to Reddit and said: “Scrollable tabstrip is in the works.

“In the meantime, try using shift-clicking and ctrl-clicking to select multiple tabs at once, then drag out to separate windows to group tabs by window.”

It has also been rumoured Chrome is set to receive a tab grouping system that is currently in development.

A code change request and an associated bug report in the client was recently spotted by Chrome Story and hinted Google is set to make organising myriad pages more simple.

A description of the forthcoming feature read: “Users can organise tabs into visually distinct groups, e.g. to separate tabs associated with different tasks.”

In addition to enhancing tab management, the newest version of Firefox also introduces better recommendations for services, brings improved performance for Mac and Linux platforms and allows for easier sharing on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

It is worth noting this version of Firefox containing the new features is only available on desktops.

Firefox 64 is available to download right now.